31 Best White Bedroom Ideas Bring Chic, Restful, And Comfort Feel

Author: Gora Kuzmin

Finding a feeling like sleeping on a cloud but worrying about white makes the bedroom stark or sterile like walking into a hospital. What do you think when we say white can bring exudes comfort in a chic, classic way? There’re some white bedroom ideas that will change your mind instantly.

1. Play with texture

The homeowner layered his bed with many textures. He used a mix of textures – sheepskin, linen, wool, leather,… He also mixed pillow textures with their shapes, materials, and sizes. To create some differences, you can hang some ceiling lights to accentuate that textures and add warmth to the bedroom.

2. Invest in Linens

Visualizer: Anastasiya Zhigir & Natoly Tomashevsky

Not only make your bedroom more inviting but crisp white or soft ivory sheets can also turn up luxury hotel vibes. Swap out your duvet cover material with the rich linen textures to reflect sunlight or chandelier to add a romantic atmosphere.

3. Strive for Symmetry

It’s never too late to bring symmetry to your bedroom, especially when you’re after a soothing space in a white bedroom. But no need to complicate things – two matching wood bedside tables and a wool rug to add warmth, two swing arm lamps to add reading light.

4. Focus on the rug

A neutral rug is a great way to ground the space and keep your white bedroom from feeling bland. Avoid overly busy or brightly patterned rugs in order not to overwhelm neutral space. But you can also add some small contrast elements to the room for more inviting.

5. Upgrade your lighting

“It’s true painting a bedroom white instantly brightens it up, but it’s even better with good lighting,” Genevieve says. And we couldn’t agree more. Many light sources you can use to brighten your white bedroom. From simple things such as light fixtures, plug-in sconces, and standard lamps, to some more extensive light sources like chandeliers. In this bedroom, the homeowner used nightstands, blinkers, and a chandelier to create personality to the bedroom.

6. Hang Curtains

Hanging up a simple white curtain to dampen sound and provide peaceful air for restful sleep. For a small bedroom, remember to hang it from ceiling to floor whether however the size of windows to extend the height of the room.

7. Add a Little Shine

When attending the white-on-white bedroom fell flat, the homeowner instantly mix a deep blue headboard, tapestries rug, and brushed brass nightstands to warm it up and add a little sophistication.

8. Go Wild With Greenery

Consider a wide variety of plants to create fresh air. Like bringing nature to your bedroom, sometimes, it calms your mood by providing a peaceful space. But, make sure that the bedroom is not lacking in natural light for your plants, and don’t forget to take care of it by watering often.

9. Embrace your Architecture

Don’t be self-deprecation about the natural bones of your home. If you have a wood-beamed ceiling or cozy built-in fireplace, don’t hide it, shades of the white theme are a great way to accentuate them to everyone.

10. Decorate with shiplap

design by blushingboho

While horizontal shiplap is used traditionally, you can flip and install it vertically instead. That’s actually work in a small bedroom. Vertical planks wall create the illusion of height and draw the eyes upward. In this white bedroom, vertical lines and striped comforter and pillows are complemented each other to make the room feel larger.

11. Paint Exposed Brick

An exposed brick wall can bring ancient and rustic to your bedroom. However, you can consider painting it white to add more elegance. It’s perfect if you also have a wood beamed ceiling like this bedroom, paint it white too.

12. Paint the kid’s room

No need for a big bedroom, a small one yet cute and high faulting are elements you must focus on. You can also use a peach sheet, and some pastel colors to accent them.

13. Opt for Off White

White nightstands topped with gold and black lamps flank an off-white bed accented with a blue batik throw, white and blue pillows, and a blue blanket.

14. Sprinkle in Color Conservatively

A white bedroom doesn’t mean an all-white bedroom. But, to prevent losing the soft, neutrals feel of an all-white bedroom, the homeowner starts with creams, beige, and wood tones. You can also layer with tobacco browns, soft denim, or deep indigo blues and heather grays.

15. Incorporate Calming Beige

Keep your bedroom from feeling cold by complementing beige. A beige headboard, pillows, couches, and a gray rug act as accents to the room.

16. Pair blue and white

As we suggested earlier, color is definitely not off-limits in a white bedroom. Some shades of blue are the same characteristics as beige color when paired with a white bedroom. Not only that, some deep blue things such as pillows and blankets can also bring depth and rest.

17. Try a pop of orange

Burnt or rusty orange is a nice color to represent your personality. Need only a little orange in furnishings such as pillows, fabrics, chandeliers, and drapes to play well with a simple white color like this bedroom is.

“I ordered that chandelier from CB2 and had it painted orange once I had selected the fabrics. I also love the orange fringe on the drapes. it’s called Big Honker Fringe.” Mary Louise says about her bedroom.

18. Add black accents

To keep an all-white bedroom from feeling dull, too white, or too all one color, a black wrought-iron canopy bed acts as a surprise accent in this bedroom. This high contrast is eye-catching without taking out white bedroom strength.

19. Mix in natural elements

Despite plants being an effective way to bring nature to your space. But you can use other natural materials such as a woven rug, wood chairs, and bedside tables instead. That wood tone is still perfect for a white bedroom.

20. Loop in leather details

There are no more accents for leather in a darkroom but in a crisp white room, they are opposite. They can give the space an elegant and chic feel. That’s demonstrated in this bedroom. A leather headboard and bench are complemented to add a touch of masculinity. Nowadays, you can easy to find a leather pillow but it’s not the ideal material to put the head on because of its stuffiness.

21. Go bold with accessories

With any accessories in a white bedroom, you will never worry about overwhelming the space. Splurge for throws, blankets, or curtains with embellishments and fun details instead of sticking to the simpler options. Fringe, pom-poms, tassels, and embroidery are a few unique features that come to mind, but you could also opt for boldness in pattern and texture.

22. Consider throw pillows

Some accent color throw pillows are a great way to add warmth and more comfort to a white bedroom. You also change out the pillow covers to bring another edge to your bedroom.

23. Try a canopy

When you decide to choose a canopy for the accent of the room, consider some wild ones like this or some pop of color for your intent. But if you’re not ready to upgrade your bed, don’t fret. You can get the same sweet look with a couple of dowel rods, eye hooks, and sheer fabric.

24. Give your bedroom a hotel vibe

Go on vacation often and love the luxury hotel’s space, bring it to your bedroom. Only need to layer plenty of plush textiles and upgrade lighting to pump up the feeling of luxury. 

25. Go Minimal

There’s no more suitable color than white for a minimalist design aesthetic. This is a perfect choice for a clean, light, and calming bedroom. You also add a little warmth and keep things from falling flat through led recessed lighting.

26. Embrace Scandinavian style

A white bedroom is a great choice for pairing with a Scandinavian style. For exuding simple and pared-down Scandinavian design, you should opt for textiles and linens in shades of white and beige, light wood furniture, and organic touches to nail the look.

27. Pick a point of contrast

Have you ever felt stark or sterile when walking into an all-white bedroom? Counteract the feeling by introducing a point of contrast. Anything you opt for being this point, you will be given the same result.

28. Give it a graphic Punch

While layering textures or incorporating an accent color is commonly used in white bedrooms. Mixing and matching graphic prints can also bring the same visual effect, instead – it draws the eye in, plus communicates a punch of personality.

29. Bring Bohemian Flair

 White wall and bedding, woven pillow covers, earthy furniture, and a small plant add chic and dreamy boho retreat. We couldn’t agree more that white bedrooms lend themselves beautifully to the bohemian style.

30. Install wallpaper

Not wood bench or floor with dark color, the floral wallpaper is the main accent in this white bedroom. Even though have no color here, it is still very eye-catching in its details.

31. Pile on plush layers.

Favorite of an all-white bedroom, consider layering shades of white to prevent things from falling flat and blending together. Be it through textiles, furniture, lighting, bedding, or even architecture, create as much depth as possible.

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