Turquoise Bedroom Ideas: 20 Best Outstanding Model In 2022

Author: Gora Kuzmin

You must see turquoise in clothing and accessories popularly and don’t how good this color is when used in the bedroom. Our 20 turquoise bedroom ideas will provide the most exact answer to you. 

1. Turquoise Canvas

Specht Harpman Architects

Paint the walls the same color as the ceiling to get a seamless look. Bright turquoise brings a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere.

2. Look Up

Lark Interior Design

Make a focal point by painting your ceiling turquoise. Then pick some furnishings to design with the same color to create the connection such as the headboard, two stools, and a throw pillow, as seen in this bedroom. Remember to keep the rest of the room in white or beige to accentuate the turquoise elements.

3. Fabric Pattern

Margaret Donaldson Interiors

In this bedroom, variants of turquoise are used in order to bring in a classy and stunning space. Especially, the duvet cover was painted in the same patterns as the ceiling to introduce an interesting visual.

4. Shelves

Heather Picinich Interiors

This combination created an ideal bedroom for your daughter. These muted turquoise shelves and desks that paired with a pink bedframe did well at their job to create a sweet atmosphere.

5. Striped Walls

Simply Wesley, LLC

When the bedroom was designed enough serene and light, the homeowner decided to paint the striped walls white and muted turquoise to bring a touch of conviviality.

6. Get Framed

Mary DeWalt Design Group

Intermix deep grey with a darker of hue turquoise to impart an elegant look. Adorn a little white on two symmetry table lamps and the blanket to bring an interest contrasting.

7. Walls

D2 Interieurs

There’s no denying that bright tones completely match with turquoise. In this bedroom by D2 Interieurs, a white ceiling, a white tufted bed, and an ivory sheepskin rug are the main factor for bringing the mood.

8. Hang It

Mary DeWalt Design Group

Every area in this bedroom introduces its turquoise and white scheme such as a bed, sofa, table lamps, white window with a turquoise curtain, and nightstand. Together, they provide a cohesive look to give the owner comfortable experiences. In addition, warmth comes from the lights and neutral floor.

9. Light Up

Terrie Koles Design, llc

Pops of turquoise do not appear frequently in this bedroom by Terrie Koles Design, LLC, but it’s enough to give the owner a youthful and refreshing feel. The accent wall is complemented with gloss patterns to add a chic edge.

10. Turquoise And Pink

Dyfari Interiors

The harmonious intermix of pink and turquoise from walls to bed, from the curtain to the floor set a playful and feminine touch to this bedroom.

11. Decals

Robin Gonzales Interiors

By painting some plants on the accent wall, Robin Gonzales Interiors has created a fun and stunning wall. Of course, this is a focal point all over the room.

12. More Greens

Andrew Howard Interior Design

Green is also a nice color when combined with turquoise. You can find from this combination a fun and contemporary appeal. 

13. Chartreuse And Turquoise

Ashley Taylor Home LLC

A deep turquoise backdrop with bold chartreuse doesn’t help this bedroom become brighter but imagine that you lay down on this bed with yellow light over, what a warm space.

14. Mint Turquoise

Mod Surrounds

Mint turquoise surely impresses you with its shades. This bedroom is an excellent example of the vibe it brings to your little girl.

15. Minty Bed

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

See turquoise acts as a backdrop too much. Do the opposite. Paint your bedframe with a lighter shade of turquoise as seen in this bedroom, you will have a part where turquoise is an accent point.

16. Chic With Gold

Z Gallerie

Pairing gold geometric patterns with turquoise walls and white furnishings exudes chic and modernity.

17. Dress ‘Em Up

Robeson Design

Want to add turquoise to your room but painting a wall takes too much time and effort? Dressing up your bed first. Instantly, this change might bring your bedroom a new mood. Or else, you can easily change for a new color if find it unsuitable.

18. Pops Of Turquoise

Phillip W Smith General Contractor, Inc.

Have only the area rug and headboard in turquoise and keep the rest of the room white to make for a beautiful contrast. The same pattern on the rug and headboard bring a cohesive look and an eclectic feel.

19. Sitting Pretty

Georgette Westerman Interiors

Look like having no cohesion in color but this turquoise chaise lounge added fun and elegance to this brown bedroom.

20. Striking Wall Art

Tamara Rosenbloom Design LLC

A turquoise custom mural is not a bad choice to add turquoise. Draw a variety of flowers and an angel in the center to create a convivial space.

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