10 Ideas to design a Scandinavian style bedroom

Author: Gora Kuzmin

A perfect bedroom is a space encouraging the house-owner to get rid of stresses of the day. To bring the soothing feelings into your bedroom, one of the best ways is to design with Scandinavian style. Light colors, organic materials, simple layout combined with basic shapes create an ideal relaxing space providing a perfect night’s sleep everyday. If you need help creating such a comfortable sleeping space with Scandinavian style, these ideas will surely be a great guide.

Calming color palette

You can notice the first thing about a Scandinavian bedroom is the basic color palette with mostly white, creamy or pastel and other neutral colors such as blue, black or gray. However, bright and strong colors can still be used as small pops, making the room become more interesting and less dull.

Using lighting as decorating accents

Lighting becomes an important part of the room especially when you live in Nordic. The climate signatures affect the way of using lighting in a Scandinavian bedroom. Still, the major principle is taking advantage of natural lightning with windows and curtains. To make lightning as decorating accents, you can combine a bed lamp with pendant light to give a dimming light for book-reading before sleep.

Open and airy layout

When designing a Scandinavian bedroom, make sure to keep space between pieces of furniture to make the room more open and fresh. Moreover, clearing space in the bedroom helps avoid cramped or cluttered feelings when moving around.

Simple lines and shapes

Just like other modern styles, Scandinavian bedrooms focus on using simple lines or shapes instead of any sophisticated or fussy touches. Moreover, these basic lines and pattern provide a more clean vision, make you feel more calm and comfortable. This bedroom below is a perfect example of Scandinavian designing.

Using natural wood

You can easily notice that in Scandinavian space, wood can be painted white or left entirely natural like this gorgeous bedroom below. The main way of using color of the room is combining white bed and headboard with accents from natural beige and brown woods. All of these make an elegant and relaxed sleeping accommodation.

Keep it simple

Everybody knows that Scandinavian style always goes along with “the art of nothing” which actually is minimalist style. Like this bedroom from Canada, with just a bed, a tiny closet and a hanging lamp can make sure the room is doing its best job which is resting and relaxing.

Using fireplace as ornament

Fireplace is the signature ornament in Nordic house space. The weather here is often cold around the year so it’s normal to have a fireplace in the bedroom. Beside its function to heat up the room, the fireplace can also be used as a decoration to make the room feel more cozy and classic.

Basic B&W artworks

You can easily find a Scandinavian room with basic Black & White photographs and paintings hanging on the wall. The black on white background can make every artwork stand out while keeping the feeling of peace and relaxation of the room.

Brocade patterned rug and pillow

To elevate your Scandinavian bedroom space, you should take advantage of brocade patterned rug and pillow. These patterns can be straight-line, zig-zag line or simple shapes combined together. 

Decorate with greenery

Nothing can make the bedroom’s interiors more alive and vivid like plants. These greenery will add a splash on the neutral colors of Scandi-style so the room feels less dull and boring. On the other hand, placing a few plants in the bedroom can also improve health by purifying the air, relieving stress and boosting your creativity. There are some specific types of plants that can be used in Scandinavian bedrooms such as: snake plant, rubber fig, monstera plant, aloe vera, …

Above are all the ideas we have collected through our own experiences to provide you the best Scandinavian bedroom design. Stay tuned for more informative articles in the future.

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