15 Best Red Bedroom Ideas Bring Warmth And Coziness

Author: Gora Kuzmin

Red is a wonderful alternative for yellow or orange in your bedroom if you are finding some refresh and differences. Red also brings warm, cozy too but at a higher level. Sometimes, it energizes us effectively every morning. Keep reading our 15 red bedroom ideas to be inspired.

1. Small Pops of Red

Arbor & Co.

Energize you every morning by adding small pops of red across the space such as a rug, pillows, or even books on your bedside table. They act as the prominences bringing mood without feeling overwhelmed by their bold and energetic. This bedroom by Arbor & Co. showed us how beautiful red is with a neutral backdrop in a white and grey bedroom.

2. Pair Red With Black

Gray Space Interior Design

The combination of red and black is very common in the bedroom. This color duo represents chic, romantic, and elegant. This color incorporation has been made popular during the Art Deco era because it offers clean, polished finishes to products, artwork, and interiors. In this bedroom, still this color combination but in order to prevent the space from falling too traditional, the designer paired it with other neutral colors. Now, the space instantly becomes extraordinary yet chic and elegant.

3. Try a Red Headboard

House 9 Interiors

Choosing a headboard, throw pillows, or a sheet is still an effective way to add red to the bedroom, as seen in this stunning bedroom by House 9 Interiors. You can also pick striped or pattern designs for the furniture mentioned above to reach your intents. If you worry about using a red headboard making you meet difficulty to accessory the bedding, remember that red works well with plenty of styles that one of which is certainly suitable for you, I bet.

4. Go for a Large Area Rug

Jessica Nelson Design

In order to have a red bedroom, you don’t need to open a can of paint. A rug is an ideal alternative solution without not committing for the long term. Its shapes, sizes, patterns, and textures can bring personality to your bedroom instantly. Or else, you can easily change a new one with new color, size, shape, or pattern if you want to go a different direction in the future.

5. Red Walls Paired With Painted Ceilings

 LA Designer Affair

 This stunning bedroom from LA Weddings & Interiors is a beautiful combination color. The designer decided to go bold with solid red walls and then paired them with the neutral white and tan colored painted ceiling. The geometric patterns of the ceiling are truly an accent prominent. A little yellow in a lamp, green in a plant, and brown in a curtain make for a fun and colorful space.

6. Working With Red, White, and Blue

Studio Peake

This is not only a nice color combination, but it is also a harmonious combination of its shades. This bedroom by Studio Peake is truly for those who love a decidedly patriotic theme. The walls are painted a light cornflower blue to create atmosphere and then add some accent prominent on dark crimson lamps and patterns and textures of the decor.

7. Go Bold With Patterns

 Latham Interior Design

Plenty of eclectic patterns are used to make the style of this bedroom. From ceiling and pillows to rug and bedspread. It seems to be too much but each thing gives its own unique presence. Together, they hold the same color scheme to bring a sense of unity without overpowering each other. The solid white with beamed ceiling work as balancing the whole pattern.

8. Glamorous and Sophisticated

Jasmin Rees Interiors / Instagram / Photographer: Michael Alan Kaskel

Do you remember that we said that red is suitable for many styles? We will still prove it with a new style shown in this bedroom by Jasmin Rees Interiors. The designer paired the solid red walls with gold ornate photo frames and the white furry blanket to elevate a royal space. The patterns of the ceiling accentuate the style of the bedroom too.

9. Pair Red With Blue

Jasmin Rees Interiors / Instagram / Photographer: Michael Alan Kaskel

We are going to talk about red and blue again. It is still prominent red on a light blue backdrop as you saw above. There is no denying that this two colors combination is flexible and has plenty of range we can work with. This bedroom by Jasmin Rees Interiors uses blue for the walls and floor, and red as the accent color for the furniture, bedding, fabrics, and a pop of red on the ceiling.

10. Embrace Unique Red Features

Garrow K Designs / Instagram

Make for your children a bedroom that has many red features. Your children must love this wallpaper with the red patterns repeated. Not following the traditional is the way the designer adds red to this bedroom, especially the red exposed wooden beams. This perfect bedroom is designed by Garrow K Designs.

11. A Classic Take on Red

Barry Dixon / Instagram

We often see red used commonly in a modern style, but it doesn’t mean that this color is only suitable for a style. This bedroom by Barry Dixon proved that. However, in order to do the same, you still need to remember some important notes. The key is the way you choose very intentional decor. Barry Dixon combined harmoniously elements together. From the elegant red in the fabric of the canopy bed and floral patterns in the curtain and bedframe to the golden frame surrounding the oil painting over the fireplace and wide stripes in the wallpaper.

12. Go Coastal and Comfortable

Kati Curtis Design / Instagram / Photographer: Brittany Ambridge

Using red in the coastal bedroom is an ideal way to bring both summer and ocean vibes. Red walls, deeper blue pillows, white mattresses, and prints reflecting the ocean, together, remind us of long summer vacations on the beach.

13. Keep it Containted

Amy Morris Interiors / Instagram / Photographer: Sargent Photo

No need to add red throughout entire the room, this bedroom from Amy Morris Interiors only needs a bed to make a difference. The designer focused on adding red to the bed such as a red and pink canopy, red floral patterns in bedding, and two light red stools. The red touch on the bed truly brings a warm and cozy atmosphere to the room. You can also choose another specific area and design it with red as the way Amy Morris Interiors did.

14. Try Out a Red Gallery Wall

Amy Morris Interiors / Instagram / Photographer: Erica George Dines

The prints of animals are very suitable for brown and wood elements in this bedroom but the frames are truly the accent in this case. Rather than sticking with black or brown as common, the designer decided to go for a bust of color instead. The red mattresses are used for a cohesive look.

15. Try a Darker Version

Studio Peake

Still red but try deeper shades like maroon or burgundy to find a new mood. In this bedroom from Studio Peake, these tones added a new level of sophistication to the room through throw pillows, headboards, and woven decor items.

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