24 Amazing Pastel Bedroom Ideas Inspire You With Image

Author: Gora Kuzmin

There is plenty of inspiration for you to choose an idea for your pastel bedroom. Introduce this color scheme through artwork, bedding, accent wall, sofa, ceiling, nightstand, or anything you want to. Don’t worry about the combination because of its ability. Design the bedroom in your own way. If have no ideas, here are the 24 best pastel bedroom ideas we collected carefully that are able to give to you some inspiration.

1. Layer different pastels.

Back to a dreamy world by combining bright shades of pastel colors. In this pastel bedroom, @chloevictoriauk paired harmoniously purple and green bedding with florals by the bedside. In addition, a neutral ivory throw pillow makes for a contrasting look in the room.

Credit: @chloevictoriauk

2. Play around with painted designs.

No need for a deeper or bolder color to make an accent. @elixirinteriordesign only needs some light pastel colors to make for a special thing. Paint a navy circle behind the headboard and on the light grey backdrop to make a gentle prominent.

Credit: @elixirinteriordesign

3. Paint a pastel-hued ombre wall.

Love nature, paint the wall pastel-hued ombre to make for a soothing and peaceful backdrop for tropical elements. Light pink and white furniture helps us not feel too heavy or overpowering in a small room. From head to toe, the feature wall in light pink is faded until transiting totally into the mint green. On it, @adoseofadry hangs a big parrot graphic in pastels too to add an interesting visual. She is successful in creating a colorful yet peaceful space.

Credit: @adoseofadry

4. Incorporate different shades of the same color.

Different shades of pink and purple are certainly great incorporation for a pastel bedroom. While the shades of purple keep things restful because of their undertones, the shades of pink do the opposite. Together, they make for a harmonious combination without eclipsing the accents in the room.

Credit: @soyuhari

5. Lighten it up with a pastel ceiling.

Who says pastels are only for young people? This bedroom by @harleyhousebythesea proved the opposite. Only need to paint the ceiling with a light, understated pastel color such as light pink or subtle blue, and your pastel bedroom totally looks suitable for adults. In this medium-green-hued room, the designer lightened up the space with a playful yet elegant pink ceiling.

Credit: @harleyhousebythesea

6. Paint your walls in a pastel hue

Barely-three pastels in this bedroom act as a nice backdrop for art pieces in complementary hues.

Credit: Natalie Jeffcott

7. Pick pastel bed linens

While your walls, nightstand, wall art, and ceiling lights are white, you might add charm and personality easily with some different shades of pink linens. It also instantly become a prominent color in an almost white bedroom.

Credit: Natalie Jeffcott

8. Combine pastel bed linens and pastel wall paint

Pick any pastel colors you like, then pair them together. You will still receive a harmonious combination. In this Barcelona apartment, the homeowner opted for darling pink linens and paint the feature wall in a corresponding pastel hue. If you design it for your children, consider light pink and blue as Lula Poggy did here.

Credit: Lula Poggi

9. For a soothing bedroom, pick pastel blue

Make your bedroom feel like a spa retreat by painting it pastel blue. Remember to ditch the clutter and keep your furniture and accessories the most simple you can. In this Hongkong home, every personal thing is arranged succinctly on only two nightstands.

Credit: Viv Yapp

10. Don’t be afraid to use neutrals.

Have you ever thought that you would design your pastel bedroom with beige as the main accent? This image is sure to inspire you. An intricate chandelier and wall art over the bed are in beige to make for a sophisticated, simple, and calming yet boring space.

Credit: Jessica Isaac

11. Partner pastel colors with more saturated shades

There is no problem mixing some unrelated colors with your pastel bedroom. If you have not too many shades of pastels, you can put sparingly some rich colors such as deep greens and shiny gold to add a fun visual, as seen in this San Francisco bedroom. Don’t worry, it is completely fine.

Credit: Esteban Cortez

12. Try a color like a peach.

Bring soothing because it’s a pastel, and energizing because of its convivial tone. It’s definitely peach. That is why parents often choose this color for their children’s bedrooms. You can also take advantage of its charm as part of a pastel bedroom.

Credit: Marisa Vitale

13. Paint just one pastel accent wall

Marie-Lyne Quirion only paints the accent walls in pastel but it is enough for her to create an inviting space. She also brings a gorgeous atmosphere through the mid-century wood credenza’s finish. Definitely, hang some wall art to keep the wall not too empty.

Credit: Marie-Lyne Quirion

14. Pair pastel colors with shades of gray.

Balance the youth of the pastel bedroom by complementing some grey elements such as walls or rugs to bring some drama to a space. The results you will be given are not only an elegant but dynamic bedroom.

Credit: Craig Kellmann

15. Paint a pastel arch for just a hint of color

Operate a genius idea by painting an arch to create a faux headboard, as Marisa Vitale did in this Santa Barba home.

Credit: Marisa Vitale

16. Pair pastel with natural light wood accents

You can also make for a bohemian style in a pastel bedroom. By pairing blush pink with wood elements such as the wood four-poster bed in this bedroom, a sweet boho look is evoked instantly.

Credit: Winkie Visser

17. Play around with purple pastels

Although purple is not suitable for too many styles of bedrooms and also not be opted for too often, it still brings you personality the most impressively when it appears. This Charleston apartment does well at its job of incorporating purple with soothing blues and whites to create a dreamy space.

Credit: Minette Hand

18. Set the tone with pastel art

If you have no certainty in your decision to change completely your color bedroom into pastels. Try some pastels in bedding or pieces of art to examine how suitable. That’s the easiest way to introduce new hues with little commitment.

Credit: Viv Yapp

19. Frame a pastel wall color for a DIY headboard

Wow, that’s an amazing idea. You will never need to buy a new headboard when you can paint yourself one. Lana Kenney created one in this Cape Town home that looks like the real thing with only a pastel stencil.

Credit: Lana Kenney

20. Opt for an off-center accent color

This is another way to begin to experiment with the new color scheme. Start with a mirror or bench, as seen in the Brooklyn bedroom beneath. A pop of pastel adds chic to the room.

Credit: Nancy Mitchell

21. Bring pastel colors in with the wallpaper

One more choice for the traditionalist: Classic patterns paired with pastel colors on the wallpaper make for an interesting combination.

Credit: Heather Keeling

22. Pick pastel furniture for a delightful bedroom addition

This UK home demonstrated that pastel furniture also complements each other quite seamlessly.

Credit: Viv Yapp

23. Or add just a touch of pastel at the end of the bed

Opt for pastel ottomans to add a touch of color to space. This is also a great way to optimize the small bedroom. Copy now if you are dealing with limited space.

Credit: Justin Levesque

24. Soften dark colors with pastels

The pastel hues are certainly more charming if it is put in a bedroom that is feature a deep wall color, as seen in this California home.

Credit: Lula Poggi

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