25+ Elegant Orange Bedroom Ideas That Exude Coziness And Calming

Author: Gora Kuzmin

Orange may not be the color that is used commonly in bedrooms but it is no doubt a great one. There are many ways to add orange to your bedroom. You can go big and bold such as painting the wall or ceiling or going elegant by putting some details. Keep reading to check out our favorite orange bedroom ideas.

1. Use Geometry


Layer the bed with different shades of orange to add depth. At the same time, paint a big orange circle on the pure white background. The orange transforms from bold to light and looks like the sun at sunset. You can also try other shapes such as triangles or rectangles to create a unique focal point. Remember to place some white or orange pieces of furniture in front of the shape to avoid emptiness.

2. Use Just a Little Orange


No need not to paint all of the room oranges, try a little bit of orange through some furnishings such as a throw blanket or pillow, and orange will become prominent instantly. Keep most of the room white or beige to highlight the orange shades.

3. Use Orange Florals


This orange, floral wallpaper brings all of the delicate looks to the bedroom. You can apply it on all walls or on just an accent wall as Dazey Den did here. Enough intermixing between white and orange will never provide you with a boring look. On the other hand, these floral patterns will give your bedroom a botanical feeling.

4. Look for Orange-Accented Wallpaper


This is another type of wallpaper but at this time, orange appears less and acts as an accent pattern. Keep the other wall and furnishings in a solid color to create delicate contrast. This type of wallpaper is a perfect piece for a vintage bedroom.

5. Use Abstract Patterns


For wallpaper, different patterns will match different styles of bedrooms. The floral wallpaper above look great in the vintage bedroom, while the curvier, flowier patterns fit in this minimalist bedroom by Reena Sotropa. These subtle, abstract patterns provide an interesting visual. One more time, the designer uses solid colors on furnishings.

6. Don’t Forget the Curtains


In a bright bedroom, the prominent orange curtain will highlight the height of the room. Pair it with other shades of orange to add depth and s cohesive look. There is no doubt when saying that the curtains are a crucial part of this bedroom.

7. Break Out the Orange Duvet


Complement orange by opting for a duvet or a bench but not breaking open a can of paint. This is a great option to add a splash of color without the commitment. In addition, it might be a wonderful base for layering some bright colors on too.

8. Combine Orange and Navy


A few pops of orange in a navy bedroom will make for an interesting contrast. Remember to keep most of the room in navy to provide a peaceful space. The pops of orange only act as bringing a touch of fun to the room, however, you also should choose a darker shade of orange such as burnt orange to avoid garishness

9. Use Orange Art


Brexton Cole Interiors decided to use abstract art to decorate the accent wall instead hanging a realistic painting of an orange scene. To create a cohesive look, pick some orange furnishings too such as two pillows here.

10. Layer Orange


Layer your bed with different shades of orange for more subtle and delicate. The designer used an orange pillowcase, duvet, and light orange throw pillow and blanket. A curtain is hung from ceiling to floor to highlight the height of the room.

11. Try Orange Throws


Throws are the things that are affordable and easy to store, so, you can change or replace them easily if you want. Or, change the throws on a seasonal basis as seen in this bedroom. The homeowner used a deep orange throw for the fall and the winter to create a warm atmosphere and a light orange one for spring and summer to add cool and convivial.

12. Don’t Forget the Ceiling


Repeat the orange in most of the room such as a little on the ceiling, a little on the pillows, and a little on the nightstand to make for a cohesive look. Although this bedroom by Susi Bellamy doesn’t have too much accent contrast, these color combinations make for an amazing cohesion.

13. Have Fun With Headboards


A bold headboard is a wonderful way to incorporate orange into the room as Dazey Den did with his bedroom here. He designed it to look like a fence, maybe for a safe feel every night. It‘s perfect when combined with an orange geometric painting behind.

14. Pair Orange With Wood


There are many tones of orange that pair harmoniously with deeply stained wood. Don’t forget to complement some pops of white or black to pull entire the room together like Sarah Sherman Samuel did here. She used orange alongside the hardwood ceiling and dresser to pair with an orange blanket.

15. Pair Orange With Brass


If you choose brassy metallic furniture for your bedroom, consider vibrant orange meshes to make for a retro bedroom like the designer did here. Use effectively this combo by pairing an orange duvet and walls with brass decor and mustard yellow sheet and throw pillows.

16. Match Your Walls to Your Duvet


The homeowner painted half of the wall bold orange and the other half white to add enough warmth without being too dark. At the same time, lighter shades of orange are used to trim the crisp white bedding to bring cohesions but contrast.

17. Use Orange Alongside Velvet


I bet that from now on, it’s never out of date when using velvet to create chic in your bedroom. Not only that, but the richness of velvet in this bedroom by Musha Home is also a beautiful contrast to the lighthearted orange. It’s a great combination between velvet-covered throw pillows, headboards, and an orange accent wall.

18. Try Orange and White


There is a combination that is never boring. That’s orange and white. You can decorate orange as the prominent color on a white backdrop or do the opposite that white sheet set, headboard, and white decor are prominent on the orange backdrop like Albion Nord did in his bedroom here.

19. Use Trim


While framing the wall with different shades and sizes bring us a traditional feel, unexpected color such as burnt orange provides a touch of modernity to this bedroom. A big chandelier work as bringing warmth and coziness.

20. Don’t Forget Some Green


Using big pops of green in an orange bedroom seems to be hard to mix but a little green from nature is a great idea. This combination also gives your bedroom a tropical vibe.

21. Try Two-Toned


Have no curtain in your bedroom, you still highlight the height of your room by painting a two-toned wall. Remember to use a darker shade of orange on the bottom half of the wall and a lighter on the other half.

22. Use Orange and Rattan


You will truly be impressed with the combination of rattan and orange. This combination can flexibly pair with traditional furniture to create a vintage bedroom or incorporate with houseplants and woven blankets to create a bohemian look too.

23. Have Fun With Texture


This bedroom by JC Design is a harmonious combination of materials and colors. The depth, softness, and coziness are created by pairing many shades of orange and a variety of textures such as thick weaves, pom-poms, and knits together.

24. Add Orange Wall Hangings


Another creative way to add some orange to your bedroom without opening a can of paint is decoration with wall hangings. Through wall hangings, you can also complement orange and natural materials. Consider opting for a wooden headboard and nightstand too to be close to nature.

25. Love Your Linen


Linen duvets surely bring softness and calm to your bedroom. However, keep other decor and color basic as much as possible to not break up the color of orange linen. This bedroom from Black and Bloom did well at its job to accentuate the bed area without too much effort.

26. Try Accent Walls


When you have a bedroom connected with another space in your house, paint the accent wall the color you love for a separate look. The designer chose burnt orange to match the wood beam above the bed and provide a traditional look to this area.

27. Add a Quilt


Esther B. Schmidt used an orange quilt to provide warmth to the cool white bed sheets and the color provides a unique touch to the bed that might otherwise be considered quite standard. This is a basic color combination but it still brings high effectiveness.

28. Pair Orange and Beige


Orange and beige are calming color palettes that you should use to create a respite and relaxation space.

29. Use Umber


Try umber, you will find a great option to add chic and minimalist. Maybe you will be given a different look depending on the furnishings you pair it with. As seen in this bedroom, umber in throw pillows and blankets exude traditional and contemporary when incorporated with wood and rattan materials.

30. Use All the Throw Pillows


Throw pillows are not a bad way to add orange to your room. You can pair these burnt color pillows with other shades of orange to make for a harmonious look or use it as the only prominent in the room as seen in this bedroom.

31. Combine Orange and Black


This bedroom is not a popular color combination, orange goes with black. It imparts an elegant classic look through an old headboard and velvet cover throw pillows.

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