19 Best Of Neutral Master Bedroom Ideas You Are Looking For

Author: Gora Kuzmin

There’s no color that can help you recharge and rest more effectively than neutral colors. It not only brings calm, warmth, and comfort to your sleep, but it can make you an inspiring and mood-boosting bedroom. Whenever you find neutral bedroom ideas to decorate, we are delighted to indicate to you some ways to inspire you.

1. Modern Sand and Cement


While the white and cream tones of loose linens, headboard, and pillows are very familiar to everyone’s bedroom, Akin Atelier introduced cement tile flooring to give this bedroom an industrial space to balance out. The combination seems to be not relevant but that is a pop of new edge of this bedroom.

2. Gray-Green and Off-White


In a subtle space created by white four walls and a mattress, Sarah Solis used dark gray-green and a near-black shade of red as neutral accent colors. Things that carry their dark shades are connectors of each room area together such as a comforter, pillow, lamp, and framed photograph.

3. Minimalist Dark Green and Burnt Orange


Different from white, cream, gray, or other beige, dark green and burnt orange aren’t used often, but there is a perfect bedroom it can make for when pairing with each other. Shapeless Studio introduced a nice balance between urban sophistication and laidback country style when carefully incorporating that two colors.

4. Gray, Light Wood, and White


Many people think that they have to use cold-tone colors to create a minimalist bedroom. That’s wrong. This British firm McLaren Exel’s farmhouse bedroom demonstrated that. The loft bedroom features tons of warm wood for a casual and welcoming mood, and grayscale laidback linens for a chic atmosphere.

5. Cream and Light Gray


There are plenty of things such as curtains, walls, ceiling lights, lamps, and wall art that bring warm beige color to the bedroom. To keep it from feeling cavernous, Victoria Hagan complements some formal light gray colors to bedding and designs the same high ceiling colors as the wall.

6. Fawn and Navy


This bedroom is a great combination of neutral contrast colors. It is punctuated by metal sculptures and chrome accents and the rich layers of texture make for a cozy and inviting bedroom yet modern and subtle. This is a finishing of AP Design House.

7. Clay and Navy


In this bedroom designed by Heidi Caillier, classic wood furniture, deep blue bedding, and modern black accents are added to make a unique impression. But, there no denying the role of light-neutral walls and carpets in accentuating the other dark parts.

8. Pale Yellow and White


Yellow can make your bedroom become too bright, so it’s not good for your sleep. Consider some buttercream if you still like the shade of yellow, as Anne Pyne did here.

9. Dark Green


“We wanted to showcase the movement in the plaster, so we had the walls painted in a satin finish,” David Frazier explains. “it gives a certain depth that we wouldn’t have been able to achieve with a flat paint.” That’s the way he creates moody and earthy walls and artwork.

10. Costal Blue and White


With too many whites in this coastal bedroom, AP Design House decided to accentuate the room with a blue and white striped slipcover headboard to keep it from feeling boring. In addition, the light brown rattan and woven pieces are also remarkable accents point.

11. Brown and Honey


Designer Fiona Lynch discovered this chocolate color, Rich Biscuit by Dulux, was perfect to use in the bedroom because it is more calming than energizing. Especially when paired with offbeat accents, it particularly works with its characteristics.

12. Modern Blue, Black, and White


The couches, walls, and floor with less saturated versions of the colors are used for a calming and continuous design. However, designer Andy Beers of Ore Studios still chooses some contrast colors such as inky black and deep midnight blue to make accents. A large window plays a role in bringing fresh air to the room.

13. Red and Light Gray


If you know how to pair red with the right colors and materials, that combination is sure to make you overwhelmed by its beauty. Tamsin Johnson Interiors accentuated the neutral red space with a modern photograph.

14. Black, White, and Gray


If you have your house placed in an area that has many trees and water flows, design your windows bedroom with glass as Kathleen McCormick did here. Gray carpets and bedding are used to balance out the light outside.

15. Blue, Ochre, and Gray


With a small loft bedroom, Philip Smith opted for a soft gray color on the walls to make for feeling larger. After that, he brightens up the room with burnt orange and blue bedding. A lamp and some small things are put on an old desk for strimming.

16. Dark Wood and White


Though the main materials are wood, Nicole Hollis might decorate a chic bedroom perfectly. By painting the old wood walls dark gray color, this bedroom still becomes chicer without taking the wild edge out.

17. Sage and Orange


“I wanted to create a bedroom full of personality,” designer Jae Joo says of the main bedroom in this Boston Rowhouse. This design brings a classic edge with brocade carpet, a neo-classical headboard, and drawers, and an understated edge with curved furniture. The light gray walls look blue in some lighting and green in others.

18. Sophisticated Black and Light Gray


“I’m a big believer that within a home, different rooms should evoke different feelings and purposes,” says designer Nanette Brown. So, opposite the deep, dark tone of the rest of the room, this bedroom exudes elegance and restfulness though it features varying bright colors.

19. Mauve and White


Light mauve pink and white striped bedding and pink splash artwork complement a sweet and cute atmosphere in this neutral bedroom designed by Studio Robert McKinley

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