25+ Mauve Bedroom Ideas Give You A Soothing And Soft-looking

Author: Gora Kuzmin

Mauve brings a soothing and soft-looking. That’s why mauve is used commonly in feminine bedrooms but it doesn’t mean mauve is only suitable for feminine bedrooms. Mauve is also  able to be paired perfectly with many other colors and bedroom styles so it’s a nice color for anyone. Let’s see more 25 mauve bedroom ideas we collected beneath.


A stick lamp, green and rust bedding, and especially a mauve feature wall created a calming attic bedroom.


Make your bedroom look more rustic and airier by complementing a mauve feature wall, a rattan pendant lamp, wooden furniture, and a wooden bed frame.


White and mauve bedding, wooden furniture, and a rattan pendant lamp, together, made for an amazing wabi-sabi neutral bedroom.


The combination of a mauve bed, pillows, sheets, and gold chandeliers is very impressive on a teal backdrop.


Paint a circle or any shape mauve color on the feature wall and keep it around in white and beige, you will be given a pretty bedroom.


A creamy bed, a furry chair, and a wooden table are nice when used in a mauve bedroom. Complement sconces and some potted greenery to create a Scandinavian space.


Design a mauve bedroom by painting the walls mauve. Then adding a bed, a chair, a non-working fireplace, a round mirror, and a woven lamp in neutral colors.


Mauve is sure to be an ideal color in a Scandinavian bedroom. Start with mauve walls then add a comfy bed and neutral bedding, mismatching nightstands, and black and white artwork.


This mauve bedroom is a harmonious combination between a black forged bed, pastel bedding, a metallic sconce, and cool artwork.


The deeper shades of mauve are very suitable for a dark bedroom. A dark and moody bedroom was created by a deep mauve accent wall, pink, peachy teal bedding, touches of gold, a dark brown upholstered bed, and floral artwork.


Black and white are wonderful when paired with mauve. This bedroom includes a black bed, a white curtain, lamps, black and white bedding, and no lacking mauve walls.


No need for too much effort, a beautiful mauve bedroom is still created with some simple and affordable furnishings such as art, a rattan lamp, wood stools that act as a nightstand, and some blooms.


Bedding, mismatching lamps, and pendant lamp in many shades of mauve are helpful for a small bedroom.


Make for a beautiful palette with mauve walls, a pink blanket, beige and white bedding, and bold artwork.


In this mid-century bedroom, the bold color of the furniture can make you feel overwhelmed. Soften the space by adding some mauve such as walls or curtains.


Mauve in walls, lavender in curtains, bedding, and ceiling, together, they make a soothing space.


Simplify your bedroom by transforming your lamp into an accent prominent on feature the wall to replace the artwork.


Striped mauve wall highlight the height of the room. Gold touches and a black nightstand bring chic elegance.


A mauve bedroom when paired with neutral boho bedding, wooden sconces, stacked boxes, and artwork is so restful.


The combination of teal and mauve is a nice contrast. The versatile intermix of two colors is presented from a teal wall, a mix of teal and mauve bedding, mauve furniture, and a wreath.


A single bed, a wooden stool, a geometric rug, and pink bedding exude rustic and cute in a mauve bedroom.


Choose a grey bedding to make a focal point in an all-mauve bedroom.


Every dark color is always suitable for mauve. A navy velvet upholstered bed in this bedroom proves that.


Let’s list all accent furnishings that make for a calming mauve bedroom above: creamy upholstered bed, plywood lamp, gallery wall, and white bedding.


You should choose white furnishings to create contrast when painting the walls deep mauve like this bedroom.


Still paint your walls mauve but this time, create an accent prominent through grey bedding and black bed.


What a lovely mauve bedroom with natural elements like a rattan bed, a wooden sideboard, and plants.


Give a point to a beautiful mauve bedroom with a pretty glass nightstand, pink bedding, a lavender bed, and some accessories.

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