Loft Bed Ideas: 14 Ways To Make Your Lofted Space Inviting

Author: Gora Kuzmin

A loft bed can work well in a variety of spaces, whether you have it in a studio apartment, guest room, or a kid-friendly hideaway,… So don’t hesitate to choose one for your bedroom. There is at least 1 one way to make them suitable for your bedroom. Don’t believe it? Check out our loft bed ideas here.

1 Incorporate Curtains


What would you do with the space under the loft bed? Whatever you use it for, an office or a play zone, consider hanging curtains that are able to close off the space. They are the best choice for adding softness and hiding the mess at the same time. Check out this bedroom by Heidi Callier to see it clearly.

2 Install Glass Walls


For small homes, normal walls dividing areas will make the space become stuffy. Instead, use glass walls as Natalie Chong did here. The glass helps widen the view and let the light in while separating the rooms from each other.

3 Make It a Built-In


A built-in loft bed with not too high height is not a bad choice. In this bedroom by designer Vern Yip, a nearby armchair and side table help the space decrease emptiness while providing a nice spot for reading.

4 Include a Railing


For a high-lofted space, a sleek iron railing installed from the left to the right is not able to lack. The railing helps assure safety because of preventing you from falling out off the edge. On the other hand, consider choosing sconces instead of a table or floor lamp that could potentially be knocked over the railing.

5 Elevate It


A functional lofted bed with staircase, desk, and cubbies. This design belongs to Nicole Hollis.

6 Warm It Up With Wood


This is an incredible Wyoming cabin designed by Stephanie Housley. Most furnishings in the room that are made of wood, especially the wooden staircase complete with a railing that exists along the edge of the loft space exude a rustic look.

7 Highlight a Spiral Staircase


Replace a plain staircase or ladder leading to the loft space with a spiral one. Then, highlight it with a vintage newel post as HGTV star Alison Victoria did in her new Atlanta loft. At the loft space, she hung white curtains for extra privacy.

8 Try an Arched Canopy Bed


An arched canopy bed is perfect for adding a sleek yet soft touch to a modern loft space. Leanne Ford – the designer of this bedroom – complements a large black-and-white piece of art and a potted plant to bring character.

9 Swap the Lofted Level


You have a bedroom with a high ceiling and truly want to take advantage of this space. Design a loft space and use it as an office or writing room, or art studio. About the bed put it beneath the loft, your child surely love it.

10 Keep It Simple


If you are lucky to own a bedroom that has exposed wood beams and a railing, paint it brown and keep the rest of the room white to make a contrast. Your bedroom will look elegant but warm thanks to the wood material.

11 Upholster It


The upholstered panels on each side of it brought to this wooden loft bed a soft edge. A built-in desk and dresser beneath it help to save space. The White and wood color of the loft bed makes a cohesive look with a wood floor and white walls.

12 Add Storage

A thick bed with storage drawers underneath, like the one in this bedroom by Fitzhugh Karol and Lyndsay Caleo of The Brooklyn Home Company, is a perfect solution for a small room. The harmonious combination of light, color, and materials also makes the room feel larger.

13 Place the Bed in Front of a Window


Placing your loft bed in front of a high window is the best way to be energized by natural light in the morning and enjoy a night sky full of stars before sleep. Besides, striped linens make this small sleeping nook look wider.

14 Secure the Ladder


If you don’t like the instability of a freestanding ladder, a fixed one is a smart choice for your lofted space. That way, you will avoid the ladder toppling over or surfing. A small metal material railing also protects you from falling down the floor.

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