Green Bedroom Ideas – 15 Best Design For 2022

Author: Gora Kuzmin

Green is known as the bridge between stimulating warm colours and calming cool colours. A green bedroom not only brings a peaceful space because of its connection to nature but also provides a full-energy atmosphere every morning because of its revitalising aspects. Green bedroom ideas that you are going to read beneath are sure to inspire you to find your own ideas.

1. Organic

PIGLET IN BED | Pictured: Sage Green Bedtime Bundle at Piglet in Bed

If you are looking for a calming bedroom, nature-inspired shades are a smart choice. Green on the walls, mattresses, pillows, and especially natural elements such as plants, brown on the headboard, throw blanket, and wood floor, together, evoke a sense of a countryside that has wood houses, gardens, and pieces of land. Avoid using blonde wood to not detract from the organic nature of this bedroom. In addition, too many modern materials or anything too metallic is not good – a little brushed brass would be a brilliant accent here.

2. Feature wall

CARPETRIGHT | Pictured: House Beautiful Sienna Twist Carpet In Marrakesh at Carpetright

A wash of colour on all four walls might be too much, so, we suggest painting the walls against which your bed sits to create only a feature wall. This bedroom shows how effective if you have a simple headboard or four-poster bed. Choose the burned orange coloured floor to accentuate the green elements in the room.

3. Art Deco

DOMINIC BLACKMORE | HABITAT | Pictured: Corin Double Otto Fabric Bed Frame, and all accessories at Habitat

This Habitat bedroom incorporated flexibly the green and pink textures. This is a typical bedroom in the early 20th century with curves, plush materials, and heavy use of brass. You can design your bedroom the same as this one, only need to be sure to choose similar tones like soft sage and blush pink, and you will receive similar finishing.

4. Gallery wall

DEAR SAM | Pictured: Gallery wall selection at Dear Sam

Paint your feature wall a solid colour and have your headboard plain too, your gallery will become an accent on it. The gallery walls will promote its features when being full of an eclectic mix of styles. You can also bring calm by adding some green and neutral tones.

5. Green and monochrome

DOMINIC BLACKMORE | HABITAT | Pictured: Chiltern Spindle Double Wooden Bed Frame, and all accessories at Habitat

Pairing green with black and white to make for a playful safari-inspired scheme. Green is the factor help balance the black and white part. There’s no denying that black and white can harmoniously incorporate with almost any number of colour combinations.

6. Country bedroom

DUNELM | Pictured: Meadow Ditsy Floral Duvet Cover at Dunelm

See too many things you must note in this bedroom, copy exactly things and design to not go wrong. This green country bedroom includes light wood, floral bedlinen, accents of sage green, plenty of texture, and elements from nature.

7. Industrial

ERCOL | Pictured: Ercol Rimini Bed and Side Table at Furniture Village

The elements of an industrial bedroom such as leaded glass, and exposed brick,… can make the space become too cold or sterile. Paint the feature wall a vivid emerald green colour, introduce rich burgundy accents, and put in some natural things to warm the atmosphere.

8. Maximalism

JOHN LEWIS | Pictured: Bobbin Bed Frame at John Lewis & Partners

This bedroom is proof of how beautiful green and grey are together. John Lewis used botanical patterns on the green print of wall art and bedding, grey on the bedframe, nightstand and curtain. These two colours are suitable for minimalist bedrooms too.

9. Tiny bedroom solutions

FARROW & BALL | Pictured: Walls painted in Olive at Farrow & Ball

Introduce the darker green colour throughout almost the room to provide an effective solution for a small bedroom. Don’t worry about the dark shades because they can lend cosiness space. Design a large window or door with a big glass part to balance it, instead.

10. Colour blocking

HILLARYS | Pictured: Delizia Blush Blinds, and Bailey Taffy Curtains, both at Hillarys

Opposite that upper bedroom. If you have a large bedroom and admire making it closer, using a variety of shades of colour and colour blocking is a good solution. In this bedroom, white, navy, blush pink and green is the main pop of colour. Especially, blush pink Bailey Taffy Curtains are effective at highlighting the height of the ceiling.

11. Tropical

DUNELM | Pictured: Cane Rattan Headboard, and all accessories at Dunelm

This Dunelm bedroom fully embraces the tropical theme with the woven cane, rattan detailing, banana tree patterns of the bedding, and typical plants of the tropical areas. That all things are accentuated by the blush pink backdrop.

12. Pastel accents

HOUSE BEAUTIFUL | Pictured: House Beautiful Maisy Ottoman Bed at Dreams

There is no doubt when saying that all pastel colours are always able to incorporate together harmoniously. So, going for pastels is the most simple way to make your bedroom become colourful without detracting from the airy and bright feel. Design your own pastel bedroom in the most comfortable mood.

13. Jewel tones

JOHN LEWIS | Pictured: Boutique Upholstered Bed, and all soft furnishings at John Lewis & Partners

Want to create a luxurious space without using too many metallic materials? Design a bedroom with matching bold colours and upholstered velvet as John Lewis did here. All of these rich jewel shades also bring a boutique hotel feel.

14. Teal

DFS | Pictured: French Connection Zinc Velvet Bedframe at DFS

Keep the majority of the room white so that the darker tone of the upholstered bed frame, pillows, comforter and throw blanket will really stand out.

15. Making an entrance

JON DAY PHOTOGRAPHY | FURNITURE VILLAGE | Pictured: Millbrook Divan Set at Furniture Village

We love the way the designer frames the entrance to the bedroom with matching green colours. This is also a great way to create a connection between the bedroom and the outside space and sets the tone before you enter the room.

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