Dreamy Coastal Bedroom Ideas will bring you to the seashore

Author: Gora Kuzmin

The decoration of your bedroom not only reflects your personality, but it also has a “miracle” effect to “transport” you to different places around the world. Have you ever imagined sleeping in a cool and fresh space reminiscent of a calming seashore? This might sound like a fantasy to you but with these coastal style bedroom ideas, you can feel totally relieved and laid-back as there’s a peaceful oasis outside the room! Let’s take a closer look at this oceanic style and what to consider when bringing this type of design into your bedroom.

5 signature of a Coastal bedroom

Open & airy layout

For coastal bedroom layout, you should create an open layout with space between pieces of interior. This will provide the room with good flow as well as avoid disturbance when walking around the room. An open and airy layout will also let your mind refresh after a long day outside.

Keep space between area to make good flow aroung the room
Keep space between area to make good flow aroung the room

Bright and light color

You can bring coastal design into bedroom space just simply by using the appropriate colors. For a soft and warm feeling of the sand, you can go for beige or light yellow. Additionally, you can’t go wrong with the spectrum of blues bringing blissful summer with ocean water into the room. To make everything more exciting, pops out with hues of green, blush pink or orange. Overall, think of sand, clouds, sea and sun to easily choose the right variation of color that can drive the fresh and calm of the sea into your sleeping space.

Bright & shine with light blue and white
Bright & shine with light blue and white

Natural materials

A coastal bedroom usually links with natural materials to create a relaxed, fresh vibe. Wood is commonly used as tile on floor and wall, you should go for white-painted oak or maple teak. Feel free to use striped or billowy fabrics on pillows or blankets to create a stand-out detail. Furthermore, you can use rattan or bamboo for the lampshade of pendant lights or bedside lamps. Jute, seagrass or straw are the main materials used in coastal bedrooms as rugs or window curtains, …. To maintain the calm, peaceful, and pure feelings, avoid using shiny metals or glass in a coastal resting space.

Wild and peaceful coastal-themed bedroom with natural materials
Wild and peaceful coastal-themed bedroom with natural materials

Oceanic decorations

While selecting the appropriate accessories for the bedroom, don’t confuse coastal with nautical style. Nautical style brings the adventurous spirit of the high seas while coastal style – as we know – is all about the calm and serenity of the seashore.

Who doesn't love this collection of paddle inside the bedroom?!
Who doesn’t love this collection of paddle inside the bedroom?!

Coastal-themed decorations used for bedrooms usually consist of many kinds of signature seaside items such as a surfboard at the corner of the room, a paddle or a float hanging on the wall, several glass bottles placed on top of a shelf. Using seashells is also a great way to deliver oceanic spirit around the bedroom. Moreover, you can use artworks or paintings with water, cloud, sky motifs for more inspiration of a calm and peaceful beach. 

Bring in natural light

Lightning can’t be ignored in a coastal bedroom as this style focuses on delivering peaceful, calm and breezy feelings into your personal space. You can’t go wrong with the large windows and perhaps a beige or white curtain. The window will guarantee good flow, fresh air and sunlight just like relaxing on a tropical oasis. Beside the window, you can fill the room with lamplight from a pendant or bedside lamp but don’t overuse it cause your eyes need some rest too!

A perfect corner to kick your feet up after a long day
A perfect corner to kick your feet up after a long day

Best Coastal bedroom ideas that will transport you to the shore

For your inspiration, we’ve gathered a handful of the coolest beach-house bedrooms we could find. Continue reading for more tips on coastal decorating for your resting space.

Working with monochromatic palettes will always be a safe option. You can go with the same hue of colors but with different tones. Like this bedroom, we use a bright aqua for the shiplap combined with dark navy rug to get the beautiful look between serenity and modern life.

Going all-white will give you a sand-inspired bedroom like this one. First of all, you can paint the wall with elegant white as well as using white sheet & pillow. Then find a large jute rug along with rattan lampshade of the bed lamp. Overall, you will get a bedroom that looks very simple but comes with the feeling of lying on the sand.

This coastal bedroom takes advantage of the canopy bed surrounded by two woven pendants as well as two small nightstand on both sides of the bed. We style the space with a classical painting hanging right on the middle of the wall delivering a soothing, welcome feel into the room.  A Ficus lyrata plant is placed in the corner of the room to help purify the air, giving a cool flow when resting at the end of the day.

To deliver more emotion, a large photograph of a local beachside is hung on the wall where you can see it from the first walk into the room. These kinds of artwork reminisce of breezy and blissful feelings when at the seashore just by looking at it. Below is a small resting chair with a beige and neutral throw pillow used as an accent to finish the design.

This coastal bedroom design takes advantage of natural fibers like jute, rattan and linens as the main theme for the whole room. You can create more storage space with a jute basket, 2 jute bags hanging on the wall. Moreover, 2 rattan pendants along with the macrame wall hanging for decoration give the room the serenity of seaside life.

This coastal-inspired bedroom gives a perfect idea of symmetry while still breaking-out with mismatched pieces of artwork on the wall. This layout is simple yet still can feel just as sophisticated.

Robe details will give the room an oddly satisfying coastal feel. Just with a jute rug mixed with bedside pendant light and a beige nightstand will stitch your room together with that seaside theme. 

A coastal-themed bedroom is a perfect choice for anyone who are looking for a peace, calm, serenity, open-minded space to enjoy the perfect relaxation. We hope that with this article, you have found a way to decorate your own bedroom. Follow us for more useful tips in the future.

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