Collection of 15 Simple Canopy Bed Ideas And Tips To Design

Author: Gora Kuzmin

A canopy bed has been around for centuries. The day before, it acts as bringing privacy and warmth to its owner but now it is used more commonly to decorate. Let’s check out our 15 canopy bed ideas in this post.

1. Metal Canopy Bed

A canopy bed goes well with a high ceiling as proven in this post from borninteriors. There are many decorations with various materials such as wood, metal, and rattan used in this bedroom, so a simple canopy bed is very suitable when helping accentuate the decorations.

The artwork is hung in the center of the frame bringing a deep look when seeing it straightly. Although it is so simple, it still works as an important role when giving this bed a cool and stylish look.

2. Wood Canopy Bed King

Now, the homeowner doesn’t make an accent prominent by decorations anymore. A fantastic canopy bed is a focal point in this bedroom. With raw materials such as palm leaves and the big branches tied up handmade, a wonderful canopy bed is still created.

3. Hanging Decorative Plants

Make for a bohemian bedroom by using plants instead of traditional fabric curtains. Remember to leave the window open to provide the plant with sunshine in the daytime and avoid the plant taking out your air at night time. The wood accents brought green and white together while ignoring their contrast.

4. How To Build A Wood Canopy Bed

This is still a simple canopy bed but with this type, you can easily build one yourself. After making a frame with boards and 4×4 wood posts, paint it with your favorite color and get bedding to match. You have yourself a simple yet modern bed without too much effort.

5. Dark Brown Wood Frame

This bedroom by artisticinteriordesign proved that a prominent canopy bed is not sure to be a complicated one. By painting it a color that contrasts with the floor, walls, and ceiling as the design did in this bedroom, you have a nice canopy bed. Hang some framed artwork above the headboard to add an elegant touch.

6. Gold Canopy Bed

A slender frame with a golden finish is enough to add an elegant edge to the bedroom, especially when this is a white bedroom and the white and gold combination is a great combo, you know. Check out mrbrownhome for more inspiring ideas.

7. Elegant Canopy Bed

The mirror brings dimension, plants give the space alive, a leather bench complements a chic edge, and the rug ties the area altogether. Choosing a slender frame is a great way to avoid breaking up the space. Keep it simple and as unobtrusive as possible and you will have a bedroom designed harmoniously.

8. Modern Bedroom With Canopy Frame

The bedroom by hiaslyhome looks so elegant because the combination of white walls and ceiling highlight the black canopy frame. Two big symmetry windows add plenty of natural light and brighten up the texture of the room. On the other hand, tidbits of wood furnishings bring a little warm look.

9. Black Canopy with Whimsical White Curtains

Work with a canopy bed, the designer added two contrast here. The first is the contrast between the black canopy frame and the white curtain. The second is the contrast between the sturdy lines that make for the bed frame and the soft curtains. Besides, we have some other contrasts like black floor and white rug, black window frame and white ceiling.

10. Light Wood Canopy

A wooden canopy frame is also a great way to add a warm touch to the room. Then complement a woven rug, with the same material drawers to create a cohesive look. Green and white bedding make for a beautiful contrast.

11. Simple Black Canopy Bed

In a beige bedroom, there is no color nicer than black when creating a focal point. These pops of black only appear on a bench and canopy frame but this is enough to keep the room from feeling boring.

This style of canopy bed is also perfect for a guest room where the simplicity makes for the beauty of the room.

12. Small Bedroom Layout With Big Bed Frame

The image above shows you how beautiful a canopy bed can bring to a tiny bedroom. However, pick a slender one to keep it not looking overwhelming.

The black lines of the frame suit the pattern of the rug so the bedroom looks not boring while the whole room is white color – the things which make the room feel larger.

13. Canopy Bed with Lights

Going with curtains and light helps the bed feel more charming and romantic, especially when the white color of the bed and transparent curtains make them look like stepping into heaven.

You can copy this bedroom from Etsy to create a beautiful bedroom like this.

14. Girls Bed Canopy

This bedroom is sure to be the dream of every little girl, I bet. While a wooden beige bed, white and beige bedding, and white walls and ceiling make for a warm and soothing space, pink chandeliers and transparent curtains draping over the bed create a cute touch for your daughter’s bedroom.

15. DIY Bed Canopy

Why don’t you build one yourself? You will certainly love and be proud of your bed more. Follow Craftaholicsanonymous to know how to tutorial on a canopy bed like this.

Or you can craft one with more layers and dimensions, and use your favorite furnishings like artwork, lights, plants, or even a rug.

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