Brown Bedroom Ideas: 16 Best Ways To Bring Warmth And Coziness With Brown

Author: Gora Kuzmin

There are many ways to pull in brown throughout your bedroom. From the ceiling, statement walls, bedframe, nightstands, and chandeliers to the floor, rugs, pillows, mattresses, blankets, and table lamps. If you still have no ideas to decorate your bedroom with brown, read this post about the 16 best brown bedroom ideas that we collected thoroughly.

1. Paint an Accent Wall


Be sure to pair this brown coat of paint with a full-light bedroom. Although this Tanner’s Brown from Farrow & Ball can bring warmth and a coziness atmosphere, its dark shade is not useful for the light in the room. Design two large windows and complement a big chandelier in orange to resolve that, as seen in this bedroom by Kylie M Interiors.

2. Pair With Earthy Clay


We found that this cool brown and chalky clay color can harmoniously combine together. In this bedroom, two shades of this brown bring us two separate feels. One is elegant and chic from the wall, the other is warm and cozy from the bedding. Especially, wall prints are an important factor in pulling the entire space together.

3. Consider Ombre


There is no denying that brown and white when paired make for a beautiful contrast. It is not able to ignore the role of this ombre brown wallpaper. It connects the pops of color seamlessly and makes the space more creative without giving up that neutral feel.

4. Go for Monochrome


Paint entire the wall only brown to keep the space calm and restful. Then pick various shades of brown to add depth and dimension. If you want to do the same, try to find shades with undertones to impart a warm feel.

5. Opt for Brown Furniture


It is very easy to find brown furnishings, especially furnishings with wood. You can also buy some brown wood things such as nightstands, benches, and bedframes as seen in this bedroom to create your own brown bedroom and pull in a natural space too.

Opt for your walls an off-white or light beige color to accentuate thoroughly brown wood materials.

6. Hang a Wall Tapestry


Only need some shades of brown and complement a hanging wall tapestry to make all the difference, this bedroom exudes a rich and dramatic feel without a lot of effort.

7. Embrace the Jungle


Bring a tropical jungle to your bedroom by adding this creative wallpaper. It features simultaneously muted gold, green, and brown hues that are rarely seen in a bedroom. This strange combination brings a peaceful and dreamy space.

8. Use It in a Nursery


A light brown bedroom is also suitable for your baby. It works well with animal-themed nurseries as seen in this bedroom by Juudith Home. Take advantage of this neutral brown’s ability thoroughly by not adding any contrasting color.

9. Keep It Light


Look like beige but it is truly tan. This is one of the commonly used shades of brown because it is usually used to replace beige. In some cases, you couldn’t find the difference but in general, it acts as a factor that adds richness to the space. It is paired the most frequently with rattan and cane-style furniture.

10. Use Natural Materials


Like green, brown is known as a natural color too, that’s why we very easy to find brown in natural materials. Particular in this case is textiles. The homeowner carefully layers the bedding with different shades to add depth.

Consider picking some vivid colors such as green and orange through wall art or throw pillows to add a touch of color.

11. Look for Texture


This brown bedroom is also designed with handmade, natural furniture, and accessories that are free of dye. You can find some natural materials such as jute or linen in their original color to add various shades of brown and tan to the room to make the space warmer and closer.

12. Don’t Forget the Fifth Wall


The easiest way to add brown to your bedroom is by using wooden furniture. To create some differences, the homeowner decided to pair them with a wood-paneled ceiling to create a cohesive look along with furnishings.

13. Try a Toffee Brown


This rich, dark chocolate is a great alternative to beige and grey to bring warmth and restfulness. But for a bedroom without too much sun, consider a lighter tone such as a toffee shade of paint that is warm but still bring airiness.

14. Keep It Light


Rattan and cane furniture are not a new idea to decorate with brown in the bedroom. However, they are not out of date because of their value until right now. In this bedroom, the light tan pieces lighten up the space. Soft light brown walls also keep the space from falling too dark.

15. Make It Peachy


Transform the pale brown to a backdrop and pair it with peachy and orange furnishings. Because they are the same undertones when paired together, these pops of color will give your bedroom color without overpowering the room.

16. Hang Wallpaper


With wallpaper, you will have a big wonderful picture without hanging any art. As seen in this bedroom, a polka dot wallpaper with specks of brown and tan brings a neutral, cozy space.

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