36+ Black Bedroom Ideas You Are Sure To Be Impressed By

Author: Gora Kuzmin

Bring black to your bedroom to create a mysterious space. Sometimes, it can be a backdrop to a much more vibrant set of coloured accessories. Find some inspirations for black bedroom ideas right here.


Designer: Davidsign

To accentuate the black walls, black and white photographic prints, paintings, artwork or anything like that, are not bad ideas for accessories. They might be good when hanging on white walls. The black ones look twice as striking, though.



Visualizer: Igor Sirotov

Because of black’s features, the more minimalist furniture you put in, the more elegant the bedroom will become.



Visualizer: Double Aye

As you know, black makes a good base for whatever colourful accessories you have. You only do anything to mix the colourful things each other looks as good as possible. In this bedroom, a unique painted bed and blue, pink, and yellow decorative lights are perfectly incorporated.



Visualizer: Kriss Maksymchuk

In a dark-coloured bedroom, the general light is so important. Your bedroom looks elegant or bad dark bases on your light arrangements. You can take full advantage of natural light and go extra with mirrors to save your electric fee and protect the environment.



Visualizer: Now Design

When lighting your black bedroom, don’t need too bright yet elegant. Led strip lights attaching along edging furniture and a modern chandelier low are enough.



Visualizer: Jeffrey Faranial

After mixing some white bedding and a universe infographic. This bedroom is opened up by having a glass wall ensuite bathroom. The bright wood-tone vista brings in new accents.


Visualizer: Makhno

Bored with flat black, try a textured feature wall like this bedroom. Led strips accentuate the depth while edging along each layer. Just keep the rest of the room in warm neutral colours such as wood tones, beige, or light brown to balance the strength of the dark wall.



Visualizer: MirrorR Studio

Have you seen this bedroom before? Black and wood tones make an elegant yet rustic bedroom. That’s the general space. Complement a chunky black metal pendant light and natural woven baskets to make accents.


Visualizer: Tài Nguyễn

Fashion a headboard feature wall out of black storage cabinets. These black slab-fronted units appear like a contemporary panelled wall behind the platform bed.



Visualizer: Dim Eysner

Don’t have a window in your bedroom, another way to get more light into the back of a dark room is by installing glass doors to a closet. Led strip lights glow from the garments and shelving will bring you an amazing light effect like stepping into a chic boutique. Edge other shelves in the room too for an all-around glow.



Visualizer: Alexandru Ionita

Live greenery will soften a black bedroom. Consider some small ornamental plants to create fresh air.



Visualizer: Alexandru Ionita

Bring a gloss green fabric bedstead to make a change without taking out black bedroom characteristics.



Visualizer: Anastasia Andryushchenko

This bedroom looks like a black and white artwork. A splash of white, thin white electrical wires scribble across a patterned black wall, together, they become subtle accents.



 Visualizer: Johny Mrazko

In this direction view, this bedroom shows us a head of a black robot. Circular pendant lights are its eyes, the headboard is tooth and the bed is the tongue.



Visualizer: Asgard Interiors

It’s very convenient that the beautifully warming stripe of wood shelving is across the slatted black headboard wall. You can put on some books or decorations such as small ornamental plants for more inspiration. Brighten up a slatted wall with a led strip light along the ceiling line to pick up the detail.



Visualizer: Madi Chanyshev

This headboard-to-ceiling art is sure to inspire you to find a suitable particularly striking piece for your bedroom. The art and bed are used as a line to divide the room into 2 pieces. One side is black with a big bookcase, the other is natural with green colour, a tree, and a wood tool.



Visualizer: Freedes Studio

Winged chairs have the same black shade colour as the bedroom, so, the space seems to be more open.



Visualizer: Stanislav Borozdinskiy

Old but gold, this contrast incorporation is sure to be never out of date. The walls are deep black-brown and the platform bed and floor are smooth white. A white art canvas help 2 pieces of colour look more relevant.



Visualizer: CG Lab

Wood slatted walls are accent points when paired with a solid back. Pale bedside table lamps provide warm light to the space.



Designer: Rande Hackmann | Photographer: Megan Thiele

It’s so popular to mix black in a neo-classical room. Black brings chic, elegant and mysterious,… That’s why it’s very easy to find a neo-classical bedroom with black as the leading tone. Meanwhile, white and gold colours are not able to be lack. This bedroom used a group of pillar candles to decorate, so remember to keep lit away from draughts and curtains.



Visualizer: Marina Donskikh

Only need two elegant gold pendant lights to make the space more glamorous. A blonde wood floor matches this tone too.



Visualizer: Harun Kaymaz

The tufted bed gives a warm atmosphere while the black walls bring sophistication.



Designer: Cortney Bishop

Not dividing the bedroom into 2 separate pieces of colours. The homeowner tied the black and white of the room together by using a striped bed. Whilst beige cushions and wall art keep the scheme from feeling too coldly monochrome.



Visualizer: Peter Janov

Make a new edge with an unexpectedly colourful piece.



Visualizer: Sergey Ko

Low grey panelling and a pale grey rug keep the room from being not too dark. Though using a big black wall, this bedroom still exudes warmth and restfulness.



Visualizer: Artem Meshchankin & Sergei Makhno

When having light colours furnishing such as a cream fabric bed and circle rug, choose for your bedroom a dark wallpaper as the homeowner did here.



Visualizer: Kriss Maksymchuk

Add more creative space to your home by building a black room in a white room. The black box is designed with motivational quotes and a swing arm wall lamp to add reading light.



Visualizer: Aleksey Bereznyak

Not still being a backgound colour, a black pattern wall and a big black comforter became accent points in thí bedroom. The bedside units span out to create a desk and dressing table on both two side.



Visualizer: Harun Kaymaz

Make an impression with black and white panel moulding.



Visualizer: Luydmila Todorova

A black bedroom with an accent orange bed.



Visualizer: Giorgos Tataridis

A slice of white or cream and recess lighting that they cut through the black wall make a creative space without boring.



Visualizer: Ugljanitsa Alexander

Go with a big pattern mid-century wallpaper.



Visualizer: Inna Shapovalova

The bedroom is designed with a dark floor and light ceiling, the chair is designed with a dark base and light fabric, and the bed have a black frame and bright bedding. Together, they created an equal combination of dark and light.



Visualizer: HATCH STUDIO

Design a hanging drape covering all of a wall to make narrow windows feel larger.



Visualizer: Lera Katasonova Design

Make the bedroom feel higher by hanging a big pure white drape cover all the way from the ceiling to the floor.



Visualizer: Sergey Kondratev

An exposed black brick wall acts as an area opposite with a bright grey curtain to create an exciting contrast.



Visualizer: Igor Sirotov

Separating bedroom and bathroom by all of the glass, then taking advantage of daylight from bedroom windows.



Visualizer: Dekaa

A wardrobe with a deep grey slatted door is used for being the main creative decoration for this room.




The designer balanced all black colour with a beige drape and wardrobe.



Visualizer: IQOSA Architect

Brighten a black wall up with recessed light.



Visualizer: Van Dz

A single black wall pops on white furnishings, the floor and the other walls.



Visualizer: Nunzio Cava

Make a creative cheap bedroom with music-themed art, a wood-tone pallet, and a single black wall.



Visualizer: Mohamed Terko

Fly to paradise with halo lights.



Visualizer: Ahmed Itafy

This is a white bedroom in a black loft space.



Visualizer: Maxim Nizovkin

A black wall is painted as artwork to bring the design depth.



Visualizer: Makhno

Notice monochrome granite and woven rugs.



Visualizer: MI Group



Visualizer: Kroom



Visualizer: Mahdi Bina Mahdi Bina



Visualizer: Haytham Alaa

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