10 Bedroom Shelving Ideas That Do Not Only Add More Storage

Author: Gora Kuzmin

Shelving is the easiest way to win in designing a bedroom. It does not only provide a little bit of storage but also allows you to show off your favorite books, decorations, or even personal items like a backpack, or hat,… You also easily create a style for your bedroom by placing things that are suitable for that style. Let us show you the bedroom shelving ideas that inspire you.

1. Make a Wall


Turn your bedroom shelving into the main event by installing a wall full of shelves like Pure Salt Interiors did here. It is easy to customize a wall of shelving to what you want whether you use it to place some books or decorations.

2. Add a Single Shelf


Sometimes, we are stuck in a problem that has just no place left for our books to go. However, this is not a serious problem, and only a single shelf beside your bed is all that you need. It can hold all your current reads while keeping your bedroom looking neat and tidy.

3. Install a Picture Ledge


The picture ledges are a great choice for a gallery wall without nearly as much arranging, nailing, and hanging. Not only that but small decorative items like bud vases and mirrors combine with picture ledges too.

4. Use the Space Above Your Bed


There are some notes that you must remember when installing shelving on the headboard feature wall. First, hang a narrow shelf or picture ledge if you don’t want to bump your head. Second, in order to avoid this part of your room feeling busy, you should keep the contents of the shelf minimal and clutter-free.

5. Use Alternate Shelving


A bedroom from Calimia Home shows us how you can add shelvings to your bedroom. A shelf space above the built-in fireplace is used to create a home for some greenery and picture frames. A blanket ladder is taken advantage of to store soft items like cozy throws and robes. Some other places you can consider designing shelving are window ledges, wide footboards, or oversized headboards.

6. Add Built-ins


Adding built-in shelving between two bay windows helps the bedroom have more storage and decorative space. Your bedroom with a double bed will become airier and larger thanks to a built-in cabinet and built-in shelving. You can design this area with many styles to make it more impressive.

7. Try Narrow Shelving


Do you have weird nooks in your bedroom? If the answer is yes, take a look at this bedroom now. Rather than letting the nook stay empty, Tyler Karu makes it into shelving because this nook is too small to place a piece of furniture while shelving can fit in just about anywhere.

8. Make Your Shelves Nightstands


For a small bedroom, bedside painting walls, ceiling, or even floor white color, you can also save space by making your bedroom shelving into dual-purpose shelving. 

If it is not enough, find shelves that are made from the same material as your floating nightstand, then install them in a suitable position, you will have both storage and nice bedroom decorations.

9. Create a Shelving Nook


Make your reading corner more impressive by installing some picture ledges equal to the window and placing on its artwork, picture prints, or even your family pictures. Light, wood, and rattan materials bring warmth that anyone wants to sit down.

10. Add a Plant


Nothing does better than shelving in showing off long and trailing plants, especially when it is installed on the headboard feature wall. It’s combined harmoniously with neutral color while the lush green of a house plant provides a fun contrast to the room.

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