43 Best Bedroom Paint Colors Ideas For A Good Sleep

Author: Gora Kuzmin

There’s no denying that a beautiful bedroom is very useful for its owner. It brings us to a deep sleep easily but energizes and boosts our mood every morning. Awareness of the importance of the bedroom’s color affects our mood whether you introduce it with paint, bedding, or artwork. Let us share some best bedroom paint colors ideas that inspire you.

Shades of red

Modern bedroom with eye catching walls light fixtures and cozy bed 

Varying shades of red painted on the wall of the bedroom are lining up from light to dark shades. This is an effective way to make your bedroom more attractive

On the other hand, the neutral color of the floor and the other wall, as well as the hanging lights offer warmth and personality to the room

Meanwhile, the pillows, comforter, and mattress turn into a space for creativity. The bed is pops of the area with splashes of paint.

Light Red

Bedroom with contrasting walls blue accent rug and pillows and pendant light

Opposite the dark floor is the light gloss red-white wall. Combining basic pieces of colors brings your bedroom simplicity without boring

Blush Pink Bedroom

Tennessee homeowner Mandy painted their daughter’s wall of the bedroom a lovely shade of blush. The color is suitable for all pastel colors of the furniture in the room.

Dusty Pink Bedroom

The finishing designed by Heidi Cailier has an earthy lamp base, indigo bedspread, patterned willow, and moss green chest of drawers. The designer has used an old trick about pink lightbulbs and soft pinkish-orange paint color offering a more flattering light.

Lilac Bedroom

Designer Caitlin Moran combined tone-on-tone carefully with pale lilac walls, a purple upholstered headboard, and a lilac throw. White bedding balances out the whole color of furniture and keeps it from overwhelming.

Cream and Orange

This finishing is an excellent combination of subdued colors and prominent shades of orange. Cream-colored walls, as well as the same color ceiling, makes all of the orange things always stand on their most vivid status. The designer seems to master the art of tone-on-tone with variations of orange.


Orange Room Ideas

The tone-sur-tone orange color of the bedding, curtain and dresser will promote happiness and energy to the owner every morning.


room with coral walls

Nothing can radiate joys better than coral (as far as paint colors are concerned, at least). Besides the bright tone of the coral colored wall, Nicky Kehoe – the bedroom’s designer picks up some darker tone furniture, which is a bold purple mattress and dark color pictures.


bedroom colors 2019

In this Scandinavian, Oat-hued linen bedding pairs perfectly with peachy blush walls, as well as a beige jute rug. The black and white wall art that contrast with the total room’s color become a high-impact feature of the bedroom.


cream bedroom

If you said that beige and cream are boring, following this bedroom, you must change your mind. Dependable, versatile, warm, and subtle are injected by beige color furniture. It reminds the owner of long walks on a sunny peaceful sandy beach. You can pick some colorful pillows or keep it basic, as designer Richard Beard did here.

Stacked Cream

Variations of cream color ceiling add height to a room while pairing with darker gray walls. Sherwin Williams had tied the room tougher perfectly without any further distraction


bedroom with walls painted warm beige

Caramel studded upholstered headboard and the beige color behind blend for a timeless look.


bedroom colors and moods

These terracotta walls bring warmth to a Canadian townhouse’s bedroom. White bedding and a bright large statement piece of art helps break up the dark color but not boring.

Blue and Brown

This is a simple combination of colors you can’t go wrong anyway. The dark blue walls are set in Adobe DEC726 by Dunn-Ewards to help the brown blanket become prominent.

Warm Brown Bedroom

The medium brown paint color delivers warmth to your bedroom without overpowering. It looks better when paired with white trim, natural wood furniture, and navy or dark blue bedding

Ochre and Teal

blue and mustard room

Designer Peter Dunham created the curtain and blanket with the same style. Meanwhile, the white ceiling that contrasts with the other of the room makes for his creative space to sleep.


yellow bedrooms

This bedroom demonstrates that the incorporation of marigold, olive green, and navy blue is perfect. Bronze pendant lights and metal stools turn this bedroom into an elegant chic room. These finishes are very nice for people who looking for personality.

Mustard yellow

Large yellow master bedroom with sunroom

Mustard yellow has subdued undertones that exudes vibrant in day and warmth at night.

Light yellow

Light yellow bedroom with yellow and blue accents

Soothing shades of light yellow add a cheerful touch to a room.

Khaki Green Bedroom

This bedroom shows us what we can do with a small room. Homeowner Bailey McCarthy colored the walls and decor with a deep, rich khaki green paint to play up the bedroom’s snug dimensions. In addition, a light wood four-poster canopy bed creates a comfy room-in-room feel. while feeling the softness and nature of the botanical curtains.

Seafoam Green Bedroom

Take a quick look, Seafoam green and school bus yellow seem to be unrelated cause the “cool” wall color contrasts with the “hot” bed frame. But a comforter that features both tones bridges helps the combination actually works in this case.

Matte Marine

dark green painted bedroom

Matte marine paint color can be a great option for bringing a softer atmosphere to your bedroom. In this case, Studio Shashiri enveloped the entire room in the matte marine color.

Deep Navy

best color for bedroom walls

Deep shade of navy look so great if you known how to trim with it. In this bedroom, crisp white, vibrant and playful patterns beding is punctuated with deep navy behind.

Pale Greige Bedroom

Homeowner Vincent Mazeau painted the exposed ceiling beams the same color as the planked walls. So, that kept the ceiling from feeling too lofty, On the other hand, his pale greige paint also paired nicely with his comforter.

Bold Blue Bedroom

Contrasting wall arts, like these nature silhouettes, pop nicely against the bold blue bedroom. This paint color is not bad for your creative bedroom but paired it with bright bedding.

Ice Blue Bedroom

“Bright colors boost your mood, so choosing this for a bedroom is a sure way to wake up feeling energized,” says EasyCare color expert Cynthia Cornell. “Try a blue in a bright shade to bring calm and serenity.” That’s why she makes for this perfect bedroom with ice blue things such as chambray-like draperies, a periwinkle-tinged rug, a blueberry-checked headboard, and cornflower throw pillows.

Deep Blue Bedroom

It seems that white furniture and trim are the best for the shade of blue. The bedroom made by Matt Albiani delivered a captain’s bed ideas but took his partner Ron Brand a little longer to see it. They hung the textiles the same color as the walls paint.

Flat Gray

Benjamin Moore who paints these modelesque flat gray walls incorporates carefully some of the more subdued colors in carpeting and bedding but balances out a room with dark walls.

Soothing Gray Bedroom

If you have some natural wood furniture, pair it with soothing gray walls color and white soft linens. That will highlight the natural part of your room.

Dark Gray Bedroom

“The painters thought I was crazy to paint the ceiling, but I wanted the white bedding to really pop,” says serial farmhouse renovator, singer-songwriter Holly Williams. That makes a lot of material and uneven lines become more cohesive when he paints his ceiling the same lead gray color as the walls.

Soft Gray Bedroom

“Warm colors by nature are visually energetic, so they’re not typically top picks for creating a relaxing environment,” says the director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, Sue Wadden. “On the other hand, cool colors tend to be more soothing and promote relaxation, which is why neutrals, blues, greens, and purples are ideal for bedrooms.” This bedroom is clear evidence of his opinion.

Pure White Bedroom

The tiny attic 170 square feet bedroom in this Texas farmhouse seems to look larger cause the homeowner painted everything the same pure white. This white helps the room feel as airy and spacious as twice its size. So, you can do the same but then layer in a few pops of playful color to keep your room from boring.

Crisp White Bedroom

Most of the furnishings are kept in crisp white color to make for a dedicated bedroom. Meanwhile, the floor and the desk look like a treasure trunk in a darker color balance it out from being overwhelming.

Antique White Bedroom

Antique white paint color will help your boring all-white color look a little prominent. Try it with your walls, you will find an amazing finishing such as this bedroom.

Sheer Beige

These walls painted by Benjamin Moore help the space to be intriguing but also accentuate decorative embellishments throughout the bedroom

Beige Walls

Subdued beige color and neutral color furnishings are truly perfect incorporation. All of these have been hand-picked to match calming color walls. The color is called Olympic by Stormy Weather

Light Lilac

best bedroom colors 

This bedroom is bursting with shades of lavender but also exudes a calm, serene mood. The key is that Cathy Chapman has stuck to a color story of muted pastels. He incorporates variations of lavender while keeping things interesting with contrasting textures, shapes, and finishes.

Ivory Bedroom

This is an ideal bedroom for providing a calming spot for sleep. The soft hue wall looks great paired with antique white as well as mix of neutral color furnishings.

Purple Dream

The wall color is called Iced Mauve by Benjamin Moore #2115-5. It’s perfect when paired with every white and dark things. This is also an ideal color for a baby’s nursery or master bedroom.

Royal purple

Purple luxury bedroom

Every deep shades of purple bring in an elegant edge to a bedroom.


colorful bedrooms

GRT Architects – this bedroom designer – has painted his paneling violet and left a wall light. He gives his room a little more shape and color blocking to keep color from overpowering the space. He also opts for a low-to-the-ground bed to show his ideas.

Light Pink and Lavender

pink and purple bedroom

A Lavender hallway, and black and white floors are nicely background for a pink floral bedroom, darl mahogany table, and red bedding. This space is decorated by David Kaihoi.

Soft Black Bedroom

If you paint your bedroom wall with back color, choose white painted floors, pale lamp. and white and linen toned bedding to bring a comfortable contrast to sleeping.

The other paint colors you can consider for your bedroom

  • Warm, neutral shades: Beige, Chocolate Brown, Green and Gold, Sage Green, Light Gray-Green, Deep Earthy Green, Mint Green, Sky Blue, Baby Gray Blue, Deep Beige, Gray, Light Gray, Grayscale, Creamy White, and Light Grey
  • Cool, light tones: Soft Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Butter Yellow, Cobalt Blue, Crisp Light Blue, Light Pink, and Fresh Blue
  • Vibrant bedrooms: Shades of gold, Dark Purple, Red Lacquer, Bright Red Accents, Bubble Gum Pink, Dusty Purple, Royal Purple.

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