Bedroom Office Ideas: Create A Chic Workplace In The Bedroom

Author: Gora Kuzmin

Creating an ideal space for work even if you don’t have much space is not too hard. Read this post to get inspired by some bedroom office ideas that we carefully collected.

Nightstand Desk

Placing the desk beside the bed to use as a nightstand is a creative way to decorate the bedroom that @homemadebycarmona did. Because of that, the lamp is used to provide light for the desk area and headboard area, and a drawer is used to stash way work-related items when it’s time to relax. This is a great solution for a small bedroom too.


Closet Office

If you are stuck in optimizing your bedroom space, @stayhomestyle will give you a great solution by turning a closet into an office. Decorate this space in the same style as the bedroom to create a cohesive look when the door is opening.


Window View

Bright colors of walls and furnishings, and daylight will give you a peaceful space even when laying your back down on the bed or sitting at the desk. This style of bedroom is suitable for both workspace and relaxation space.


Built-In Desk

Pick a wall and add a row of wardrobes and a built-in desk, and you will instantly own a multi-function bedroom. Your bedroom also becomes succinct because you can place here everything, from clothes to office necessities.


Floating Desk

Only need a piece of wood and a couple of wall brackets, and you easily create a floating desk that fits anyone’s height. This desk won’t eat up your floor space anymore. You can also place something beneath the desk and put a small plant on the desk to create a Boho look as @lavender_julep did here.


Walk-In Closet Office

Designing a walk-in closet in the corner and beside the “office” is a great way to make your bedroom feel more succinct. Your favorite clothes and jewelry can also be a wonderful inspiration for your work Or you can plan out tomorrow’s outfit while answering emails.


Cozy Corner Office

Want to separate work from the relaxation space? There are some effective tricks. Decorate the work corner in a different style from the rest of the room. Or hang a small gallery wall above the desk and a couple of plants, and you will be given a cohesive look while still reaching your goal.


Curtain Entrance

By hanging a couple of well-placed curtains, @cotton_and_zinc created a closet that flows nicely with the rest of the room. The workplace often goes with focus, sometimes stressful and boring. So long curtains in place of doors soften this area and make it appropriate for a bedroom. In addition, that pop of pale sage green brings a chic edge.


Standing Desk

In a small bedroom, an adjustable standing desk is a great choice because of its narrow size and versatility. You can move it easily due to its lightweight, adjust the shelf and desktop thanks to its slots, and disassemble it for storage to reclaim your bedroom over the weekend.


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