15 Best bedroom Curtain Ideas That We Appriciate.

Author: Gora Kuzmin

A beautiful curtain is a curtain that works well in its role. For instance, curtains can act as a focal point when the homeowner turns them into a prominent space. Or they can be a nice backdrop when accentuating other furnishings. Let’s take a look at our 15 best bedroom curtain ideas that we appreciate.

1. Drawer Pull Curtains

These drop-cloth curtains look so innovative with Stephanie LeBlanc’s hanging technique. Not only that but it also looks soft thanks to drawer pulls and warm thanks to its beige color.


2. Dark Horseradish Curtains

Need any pops of color, think about dark, marigold-yellow and it will not make you disappointed.


3. All-White Floor-to-Ceiling Drapes

The all-white drapes are a great choice to add soothing without taking out the sunshine from the bedroom.


4. Blush Cotton Curtains

African mud cloth-inspired curtains act both as creating unity between the sheers and white walls and adding a chic edge to the room.


5. Sheer Striped Curtains

What do you think about dark curtains yet lots of light? Check out these curtains by Leah Nowak and feel the difference.


6. Marble Curtains

A great combination of the material of the curtains and their marble patterns makes for a restful and chic bedroom. Juxtapose a plant to add a friendly-nature look to the room.


7. Canvas Drop Cloth Curtains

The floor-to-ceiling drapes help the bedroom highlight the height of the room. These canvas drop cloth curtains are especially suitable for minimalist-chic aesthetic bedrooms.


8. Roping Window Panels

Geometric patterns, monochromatic pom-poms, and contrasting stitching, together, create a soothing corner that the bedroom needs no focal point anymore. The neutral color and rattan materials bring to the room summer vibes.


9. Cottage Chic Neutrals

Cream-colored curtains will be a great piece for a white bedroom because of keeping your room from falling flat and feeling sterile.


10. Fringe Curtains

Create a laidback look to your curtains by choosing fringe curtains. Remember to hang the curtains that thin to let the light through, you will have an airy space.


11. Sheer White Curtains

A set of sheer white curtains is enough to keep your room feeling fresh while making the morning light less harsh. Although the curtain and the walls have the same color, contrasting their patterns brings a fun look.


12. Macrame Curtains

Use only a hand-woven curtain and stretch it out across a single rod to show off its texture and patterns beneath the daylight.


13. Pom-Lined Curtains

Keep your curtains from feeling boring by adding a pom-pom border. They will become a great backdrop that accentuates pink bedding.


14. Patchwork Gauze Curtains

Check out these patchwork curtains to find a new inspiration. This is a way to update classic white sheers through a series of embroidered shapes.


15. Long Drop Cloth Curtains

Some matte black rings add a contrasting look without tanking out the warmth and soothe that beige and white bring to the bedroom.


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