14 Unique Bedroom Couch Ideas That Help Spark Your Creativity

Author: Gora Kuzmin

A couch placed in your bedroom is sure to be an excellent place for reading or relaxing and be another comfortable space aside from your bed. There are many ways to decorate your bedroom with a couch, read on 14 unique bedroom couch ideas that we have rounded to help spark your creativity.

1 Add a Couch Against the Opposite Wall


Making the wall facing your bed decrease emptiness by adding a couch is not a bad option. Whether you place the couch flush against the wall or angled in the corner, they are both great positions in the bedroom. Consider complementing wallpaper to add more fun patterns or leaving it in a solid color like this bedroom if you love minimalism.

2 Near a Window for a Faux Sunroom

Philip Beauchesne/Shutterstock

Light is always a good supporter in decorating your bedroom. In the daytime, your bedroom will look more alive under the sunshine. In order to utilize the natural light, place a couch near a window or by French doors like the nook of this bedroom. However, you still need to be strategic about when the sunlight enters the room to take full advantage of couch placement.

3 Place the Couch Beside the Bed


Placing a couch beside the bed will help you transition into the day on sleepy or slow mornings more easily. Especially when the couch is placed under the window and has a height equal to the bottom edge of the window. Here, you can enjoy the natural light in the daytime and view the star sky at night.

4 Create an Accent Wall


This bedroom is a perfect combination of contrasting colors. On one wall, the homeowner painted two separate contrasting colors to divide the bedroom into two areas without any wall or thing. And the colors of the furnishings are also chosen to make contrast with the wall behind.

5 Matching the Flooring


If you own a hardwood or carpeted floor, a tan couch as seen in this bedroom is a great choice to make a cohesive look. It can also direct the eye upwards from the floor and helps the bedroom feel more significant.

6 Add a Couch at the Foot of the Bed


You can see the footboards or chests appearing commonly in the bedroom, but have you thought about replacing them with a couch? In order to take full advantage of available space, a sofa at the foot of the bed is a suitable choice. Besides, a sofa is enough to create a new relaxing space where you will never feel bored when walking into the bedroom.

7 Separated by Curtains


With a couch, you can easily create a small living room in your bedroom. In front of the couch, place a table with a rug underneath, then, add a gallery wall above the couch to transfer this area into a second nice relaxation in the bedroom.

8 Matching Your Bedding


If you have a couch placed too far away from the bed, design it with the same style and color scheme as the bed to create a cohesive look. The pillows with the same patterns will tie them together.

9 Add a Couch Adjacent to a Chest of Drawers

New Africa/Shutterstock

Your bedroom will become so convenient when you place a sofa next to the chest. This bedroom is an example.

10 In Front of a Fireplace

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Placing a couch near a built-in fireplace will give you a second cozy place in the room. You will never worry about cold nights. Sit on the couch, not only sit you on a cozy place, but you can open your view to see the star thanks to the full of windows on one side of the room.

11 Add a Curved Couch


Make your space become more charming by adding a curved couch. This type of couch is very helpful in a small room too because of fitting with the corners of the small bedroom.

12 Place Couch to Make a Separate Space


You can resolve the defect of a large bedroom by arranging the positions of furnishings in the room suitably. Individually placing your couch without relying on any walls or furniture is a good solution. So, the distance between furniture is not too far, you will not feel empty in any area.

13 Add a Couch and Coffee Table


The combination of a couch, a bookshelf, and a desk is a wonderful combo in your bedroom. It is going to be a perfect place for you to read a book while enjoying a cup of coffee. After that, you can store the book easily on the bookshelf placed beside it.

14 Place Couch Facing Chairs

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Not only is it a cozy space that you can sleep in, but adding a private sitting area makes it an ideal place for hosting close friends for confidential meetings. On the other hand, it provides a place with your spouse or children when they move about your home.

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