More Than 20 Best Bedroom Bookshelf Ideas For Book Lovers

Author: Gora Kuzmin

Bringing a library to the bedroom is sure to be the aspiration of most book lovers. If you are a book lover too, take a look at our more than 20 best bedroom bookshelf ideas to find the most suitable style and way to decorate with bookshelves.


We have a window providing sunlight, bookshelves, and a bench on the only wall. All of them run the whole width of the room to make an amazing corner.

Source: Hunting For George



A bookshelf is designed above the desk so that you can pick a book and reason easily. Or you can read it in bed thanks to the reading light of the unique wall sconces on either side of the bed.

Visualizer: Nagwa Shawer



It looks so succinct when combining a headboard and a bookshelf in a space. With ten LED-lit cubby holes, this area will be brightened up and don’t need any light outside. However, with the out-of-reach shelves, you should put in it out-of-rotation old books that you can’t seem to part with. The wood material of the headboard creates a warm and nature-friendly space.

Visualizer: Giorgos Tataridis



Leave a part of the headboard feature wall to design a book and you will have an area that looks chic with the texture and elegant with the shelves. Add more reading areas with a comfortable reading chair.

Visualizer: Vladimir Prichina



If you have a bedroom that is large like this, why don’t you fill it with the home library as the homeowner did here? This is sure to be a wonderful bedroom for book lovers. A reading area is created by filling the entire wall from ceiling to floor with books. not only that but it has a low-level console that acts as a functional device to section the sleep space from the walkway to the library area.

Visualizer: Vadim Kuchuk



Creating a home library-style bedroom is not easy, even you might have to sacrifice your wardrobes, but take a look at this bedroom, it is so great, right? This bedroom might be useful storage where you save your old but important documents. A light that provides reading light is not able to lack in this bedroom. A dual-head directional floor lamp is used to light up the space and add reading light at the same time.

Visualizer: Artem Trigubchak & Alexey Gulesha



For a small bedroom, this over-bed shelving is a great option to save space.

Via: Bindo



All of the space around and between two large windows are taken advantage of to make bespoke book shelving. Use a librarian’s ladder to be able to reach high positions.

Designer: 2B Group



The harmonious combination of color, books, and decorations on the shelf makes for a unique area in the bedroom.

Architect: Shamsudin Kerimov



Check out this industrial bedroom, you will see the beauty I saw. The exposed brick walls are so suitable for being a backdrop for the open-backed bookcase. So the whole space becomes airier with more floor space.

Visualizer: Lala Akkiraz



This is another nice open-backed bookcase. Besides, the homeowner adds a trio of square frames that form a unique wall shelf.

Visualizer: Boom Project



A ceiling-height bookcase that can be accessed from either side helps divide the space between a walk-in wardrobe and a sleeping space.

Visualizer: Plasterlina



You will find a feeling like sleeping in a library in this bedroom. The bed is placed in the center of the room with the studying area behind the headboard and a bespoke book shelving around the windows.

Visualizer: Andew Sadokha



The homeowner is very careful in choosing the colors of the books. Only black, white, and beige color is placed on the shelves. That makes for an amazing white bedroom library wall. An enormous uniform layout of boxes contributes an important part too. With this design, you don’t need any decoration but still create an elegant bedroom.

Visualizer: Nikita Borisenko



Every furnishing and decoration of this bedroom are arranged surprisingly but so suitable. A little bookcase is designed to take advantage of the resulting triangular. Books are also placed on the boxes around the bed. You can easily pick one to read before sleep. Separation of color helps to divide sleep space with another area.

Visualizer: Plasterlina



A wonderful reading nook is made by a comfortable reading chair, a floor reading lamp, and a glass huge window. Behind, a bespoke bookcase has been built to the same shape as the sloping wall but on a smaller scale to create a cohesive look.

Visualizer: Max Kuczkowski



Four basic shelves of decreasing lengths fit the width of the room. So this is a type, a design that suits tiny bedrooms, especially the loft bedrooms like this.

Visualizer: Only Studio



Combine wood and white color to make a soft space for your child. Don’t forget to hang a bookcase above the studying area. This bedroom is an example.

Via: Sergi Mengot



The bookshelf in this children’s bedroom looks quite tall but it is easy to be accessed from the top bunk.

Visualizer: Sergi Mengot



Not only place books on adjustable shelving but also put on it some artwork to create some unique visual, continue over the work area and stylish desk chair.

Visualizer: Sangiorgio Mobili



A kid’s bedroom with many decorations brings a cute space to the room, but it looks still succinct thanks to shelves.

Visualizer: Sangiorgio Mobili



This desk bed is a perfect choice to resolve the lack of space problem.

Via: Naver

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