20 Unique Bedroom Bay Window Ideas

Author: Gora Kuzmin

Bay windows serve many functions in the bedroom. If you have a bedroom that is large enough, think about a bay window. If you don’t know how to create a focal point in your bedroom, consider a bay window too. You will never regret it. There are the top 20 bedroom bay window ideas that you can copy instantly.

1. Atlanta Soothing Master Bedroom

Handcrafted Homes, Inc.

Thanks to the colors and the design, this bedroom from Handcrafted Homes, Inc truly becomes a soothing space like its name. Minimalism in picking decorations and colors makes it more calming, especially the bay window area with only a combination of two colors and some pillows put on the seating.

2. Belltown Condo

Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers

The bay window area with the seating on it is suitable for a contemporary bedroom too. This is a unique area that complements an inviting look to the bedroom. Rather than lay your back in bed, you can also sit on the bay window to relax by spying on the weather or the traffic below.

3. Contemporary Whole Home Remodel

Corvallis Custom Kitchens & Baths

Create an ideal reading space in your bedroom by designing two big symmetry shelves with a bay window in the middle. You can also replace shelves by the closet to save space for a small bedroom. Besides, wooden elements like ceiling beams, shelves, a bed, and a picture frame bring a cozy atmosphere to the room.

4. Chilmark

John Thayer Cabinetmakers, LLC

The walls and ceiling are painted white. The bed, a mattress, pillows, a bench, a throw blanket, and nightstands are in white too. Although that, the bedroom still looks cozy thanks to the wooden floor and two big windows allowing sunshine to go through. Tidbits of the color of a bolster, and some flowers make the bedroom charming and relaxing to the eyes.

5. Hollywood Residence

Elizabeth Gordon

While the color combinations and furnishings arrangement make for a chic and elegant bedroom, two disco lights on each side of the bed and a pendant ceiling light bring all of the romance to the room. This Hollywood bedroom looks like it belongs to an actual movie star.

6. Cortona Residence

Cornerstone Architects

Green walls did well at their job when accentuating the black and white bay window. In this bedroom, the designer continues to use two symmetry bookshelves to create a reading place and turn this area into a prominent of the room.

7. Felden Street

EMR Home Design

The white and grey combination is a perfect combo to bring you an elegant and calming bedroom, especially when it is brightened up by daylight. For instance, whether this bedroom doesn’t use anything to give attention, a large window that provides a lot of daylight makes the room look so inviting and airy.

8. Kauai Residence

Sutton Suzuki Architects

This bedroom from Sutton Suzuki Architects will give you a little Hawaii air. The combination of materials, colors, and patterns makes for a bedroom that looks really summer-ish, and I think, that’s the case in most of the homes in Hawaii.

9. Kiawah Island

Hughes Design Associates

No need for too many colors, charm and classic are the targets that this bedroom goes for. That is not only represented by one or two things, all of the design and details of this bedroom distribute their value to create a beautiful bedroom as you see.

10. Jackson Penthouse

De Meza + Architecture

The color of the wood that the designer used for the cabinet is wonderful to create a masculine bedroom. However, the softy has been added deftly thanks to the color of the linens inside this space. This is enough for a both masculine and elegant bedroom.

11. Piedmont Residence

Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders

With only a few lamps in the room, the window on three sides of the bedroom, especially the bay window area will assure the room does not lack light. The colors of this bedroom look so charming but I think it would be most likely by teenagers than adults.

12. Noosa Holiday Home

Silver Nest Interiors

Does the combination of white, grey, and black make you feel like the office? Find a way that you can add one or two more colors to break up this office space without disturbing the calm and restful that white and grey bring. In this bedroom, a wood-like floor brings a cozy look to the bedroom that helps you feel at home more than the office.

13. Port Bristol Circle

Patterson Custom Homes

There are many colors used in this bedroom but the level that it’s repeated is very low except for orange. However, orange only appears on the bay window and bedframe, enough to make a pop of color. Many colors are here but they still make for a harmonious color combination.

14. Santa Rosa Residence

Jennifer Robin Interiors

Another way to play with color or pattern without commitment is the pillow, especially when your bedroom has many pillows in the bed and the bay window. Remember to keep the rest of the room in simple colors to help accentuate the colors and patterns of pillows.

15. Rockport Residence

Andra Birkerts Design

The bay window is so unique that I instantly think about a bedroom for teenagers at first glance. Its ceiling is painted green in order to bring a calming feel and separate from the white and grey room.

16. Sea Ranch Meadow

Turnbull Griffin Haesloop

An amazing bay window in this bedroom will give you a full view whether you are laying in bed or seating on the bay. Check out the materials used in the bedroom to feel that it is very fancy but still really earth-friendly.

17. Toronto Traditional Home

Peter Stellar

Circular windows evoke a ship or even a deep ocean discovery. This bedroom is sure to give you a safe feel like you are in a submarine. We also love the way the homeowner combine the colors. That brings a little classic edge.

18. Thatcher

Lewin Wertheimer

This simple bedroom looks a bit Asian-inspired. There are very few colors and furniture in the room but it is enough to make us not feel bored. The bay window area is designed to separate from other areas to create another relaxation space that is more nature friendly.

19. Transitional Home

Fina Designs

The details seen on the walls, the area carpet, and even on the pillow are used to create a classic bedroom but still look cozy and romantic. It is sure that whoever sleeps in this bedroom has beautiful dreams.

20. Turquoise Sentosa

Arete Culture

This zen bedroom from Arete Culture will give you restfulness when walking in. The colors are not too bright thanks to the harmonious incorporation of white, beige, and light brown. They are all ideal neutral colors worth to be used in a soothing bedroom.

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